10 Tech Hacks That You Must Learn Right Now

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10 Tech Hacks That You Must Learn Right Now

Gadgets have become an integral part of our lives. From shopping over the internet to watching movies on a laptop, everything is driven by technology. It has come to the extent that it's difficult to imagine life, had these gadgets not been around.

While the dependence on technology and gadgets are on the rise, it makes us wonder if we are spending too much time on these, more than we should? 

The answer is, probably yes. Thus, we bring you some technology hacks that will not only help you save a considerable amount of time but also save your hard-earned money at times. 

#1. Use Your Chrome as Notepad

Whenever you need to jot down something quickly, instead of searching for a pen or paper, or going on a quest for MS Word, type “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>” (without the double quotes) in the address bar and use Chrome as a temporary notepad. Rather than typing the code every single time, simply bookmark the page once and open it whenever you need to note down something.

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#2. Use Unlimited Free Wi-Fi

Many places like hotels, airports and more offer Wi-Fi access for a limited period. If you wish to continue browsing the internet or chat with your friends, simply erase the cookies on your browser and use the internet for as long as you want.

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#3. Never Receive a Spam

When you want to temporarily register on a website but do not wish to share your original email address to avoid spams, sign up for temporary email services with maildrop, 10minutemail, guerrillamail, throwawaymail or fakemailgenerator, mailinator or any other such email service can come handy.

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#4. Download a YouTube Video

There are dozens of tips on the internet for you to download a video from the web but this one is considerably simpler than most of them. All you have to do is add “magic” between “you” and “tube” in the link.

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#5. Check if your Remote is Broken

Dropped your television or AC remote and not sure if it is still working or not. Take a camera and check whether it is emitting light when you press any button. If it emits lights, then the remote is still working.

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#6. Reopen an Accidentally Closed Tab on Chrome

Often we accidentally close a tab, and what most of us do is go in the history and hunt for the link. Another way to do it is by pressing “Ctrl,” “Shift” and “T” key simultaneously. You can repeat it as many times as you want to open a closed tab, and even restore all the pages after your system has accidentally switched off.

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#7. Check Battery

Test if your AAA battery has any charge left by dropping if from a few inches above the ground. A dead battery tends to bounce high, and a fully charged one just drops dead. This way, you will never throw away a battery which can still be used.

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#8. Calculate on Google

For instant calculations, just type the equation in the Google search bar and the result will be promptly displayed to you. For more complex equations, search “calculator” and it will appear on your screen.

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#9. Change Computer Settings in an Instant

On your desktop, create a new folder and rename it “Control Panel Shortcuts.{ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c-99712043e01c}”. This will then give you a shortcut access to all the PC settings that you could need.

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#10. Open a Slide Show

If you regularly give presentations using PowerPoint, then instead of saving your file as .PPT, store it as .PPS. Doing so will instantly begin the presentation every time you open the file.

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While these are some simple tricks we thought can be significantly helpful, we would like you to use the comments section below to share tech hacks that you use in your daily life. Do not forget to vote in the interesting poll we have for you below.

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