Want To Learn A New Language? Explore 9 Language Learning Apps

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Want To Learn A New Language? Explore 9 Language Learning Apps

One language is never enough. You must be aware of this famous phrase. It holds its prominence in today’s world. With development happening at this pace, people from different backgrounds are shuffled all around the world to meet the needs. Thus, you never know where would your job lead you to, not to miss the vacations!

To avoid the risk of taking the help from complete strangers, use them. These trustful apps will let you become proficient in any language you want.

You must be thinking that how can an ordinary app do something as big as teaching a whole new language. It’s simple; the app has access to diverse languages spoken around the world stored in its database. You will have to choose which language do you want to learn. After that, there is a whole course for that language from start to finish.

The best thing about these apps is that most of them are free! Thus, if you want to learn a whole new language from the beginning or if you just need to enhance your knowledge of a particular language which you are familiar with, brush up your skills with these apps.

Here’s the list of such apps:

#1. Duolingo

(Image Courtesy: Fluent in three months)

This app is user-friendly. Therefore, it is considered one of the best in the market for learning a new language. 

To begin with, just select the language you want to learn and commence the course. You can access more options if you register with them like measuring your progress, sharpening up a language (you already know) and more.

#2. Mesmerise

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It is an app that uses unique ways to make the student understand things. It includes mixing the foreign words with similar sounding words of the person’s native language. Thus, making it easier for them to understand and recall.

Did you know that the app allows you to skip the simple lessons and jump to complex ones if they know the basics? For that matter, it also supports offline courses, eliminating the issues of internet connectivity.

#3. Busuu

(Image Courtesy: youtube)

This app is not free, but still, has certain services that do not cost. As far as the learning experience is concerned, you will have to make an account to register with them. But, they have the feature of opting your level (from where you want to start your course) by your existing knowledge about the language.

Therefore, you can choose from the options ranging from Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, or Travel level and indulge in a new experience.

#4. AcellaStudy

(Image Courtesy: Renkara)

The simplest app to operate, this software allows you to study from the offline courses. What differs it from others, is the feature where you can select particularly tough words of the chosen language you wish to learn, and categorize them in one group to study them separately, later.

#5. 27/7 Tutor app

(Image Courtesy: iTunes)

If you need a tutor who can teach you the basics of a new language, opt for this app! It provides you a guardian who helps you in the learning process. All you need to do is select the language, and choose the topic that you wish to learn on that day. Topics could range from fashion, color, family, food education and more.

#6. Rosetta Stone

(Image Courtesy: App Advice)

This app is specially made to guide travelers. It has pictures and basic things that one says when in a foreign place. You can also practice your pronunciation with the help of this app.

The software also provides access to options like currency, emergency, and shopping. However, those are for paid subscribers.

#7. Google Translate

(Image Courtesy: Edublogger)

If you have no keen interest in exploring a new language and rather want to just translate the things to the language you are aware of, then resort to Google Translator. Instead of teaching the language, it translates the sentences or the words in your language and makes communication easier.

#8. Quizlet

(Image Courtesy: Benoît Guilbaud)

As the name suggests, it has the option of taking quizzes to measure your exact progress regarding your knowledge of a new language. Try playing its most popular game ‘Flashcard’ to make your learning process more enjoyable.

#9. Tiny cards

(Image Courtesy: Digital Trends)

This app, launched by Duo Lingo, allows you to learn a language with the help of flash cards to make it easier to understand and remember. Also, since they have numerous of options to choose from, you can create your own set of topics to learn from in the flash card.

Did we miss your favorite language learning app? Then, please share it with us in the comment section.

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