Can India stand against all Pakistan nukes?

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Can India stand against all Pakistan nukes?

India and Pakistan are two uncomfortable neighbors. The threat of a conventional war between the two countries turning into a nuclear conflict cannot be ruled out. If we consider the fallout of this nuclear embargo and its consequences for India, a question worth discussion does arise.

While it is true that in a scenario in which Pakistan hits with nuclear missiles, considerable damage in Northern part of the country is expected. However since Pakistan does not have an aircraft carrier or a nuclear submarine, the damage will be limited.

In a scenario where New Delhi does get hit, the Indian Government and Army need to have a backup plan to hit immediately. However, given the size and vastness of India, it is unlikely that the country will suffer much. The consequences for Pakistan will, however, be disastrous and not even a single soul will survive in Pakistan as every village and town in Pakistan is under the range of Indian nuclear missiles.

The Indian response will be brutal and all major cities in Pakistan will be destroyed in no time since India has positioned its missiles in such a manner that the entire Pakistani territory is in the range of Indian missiles.

This is the reason perhaps that Pakistan will never have the courage to hit India with nuclear missiles.

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