Pakistan’s Nuclear Threat

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Pakistan’s Nuclear Threat

Pakistan as a state has come very near to failure. There is a potentially high level of unemployment, power shortage, low growth, economic stress, hunger, insurgency, terrorism, growing extremism in the society and threat of disintegration. Pakistan could not develop a basic system to support its youth and give them proper direction, hence there is the lack of identity in the youth and they easily are being trapped by the militant groups. Pakistan lags behind India on many parameters of national security. And it is a good tool to threaten India to overcome the inferiority complex and to divert the attention of the people from the real issues.

It has become a normal routine to accuse India of imaginary things and base a fresh nuclear threat over it. This is a tendency which the entire establishment of Pakistan has been using in an effort to handle the conventional power and retaliation potential of India. Naturally, the origin of the nuclear program of Pakistan starts in 1971 when it was defeated by India and Bangladesh was created. Islamabad pushed its nuclear program with full vigor soon after that. Of course, the deep desire to defeat the conventional power of India and fear of further disintegration played a key role in this nuclear program.

There is deep rooted jealousy in the collective mind of Pakistan against India and Pakistan has been sponsoring terrorist activities for long in India. The nuclear weapons and the threat that comes out of their presence serve as a big shield for such terrorist activities and the response by India to such activities are well within some specified boundaries. And this is how the show goes on. Pakistan acquired the nuclear capability in 1987 and soon after that the terrorist activities in Kashmir and Punjab became higher than ever. So Pakistan uses the nuclear weapons to keep the terrorism going on in a secretive way and to prevent the traditional war.

India follows the NFU Policy i.e. Not First Use Policy of nuclear weapons. This is the policy of not using the nuclear weapons as a means of warfare unless some other country attacks with nuclear weapons. But Islamabad has so many times stated that they could and would use nuclear weapons as and when needed. So what is their definition of such a need? 

They sometimes state that it would be the last resort to use the nuclear weapons. But again what situation would be that of the last resort? So a complete clarity is there in the collective mind of Pakistan that sooner or later, the nuclear weapons are going to be used by them against India. Till they actually do this, they use the threat to shape situations in favorable molds.

The most alarming thing is that Pakistan has the fastest growing nuclear arsenal in the world and it has started to sell its nuclear technology to other countries where there are going to autocratic governments. It recently sold its technology to North Korea, for e.g., that is a big threat to humanity. By the support of its big brother China, now it has a good range of land-based ballistic missiles and cruise missiles and obviously it is hard for Pakistan to keep silence.

Pakistan does not look ready to realize the reality that its should work for the betterment of economy and understand its responsibility as a state, and that it is also equally responsible for the mankind. Hence it has become a substantial threat to the world and it is now or never situation for the world to fix this bug forever.

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