Great role of websites in life today

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Great role of websites in life today

Websites have been proved to be life changing things. They have touched every walk of life. Whether it is a serious corporate business or a personal portfolio, everywhere there is a website bringing more expression and style. And all available at fingertips, literally. It's amazing. Communication was never so easy and so quick. Websites have provided a big audience in a highly cost-effective and easy way.

Gone are the days when students used to borrow books or to wait for some book in the library as it could have been issued to some other student. Those living in a small city or village could not even think of getting good books. Even in the market of small cities and villages, one could not expect the availability of all the good books. Researchers were a very time taking a thing from this point of view. The curiosity of students had to wait for proper chance to get answered. 

But now, you just google a keyword and there are millions and millions of documents for you there on the screen. Awesome. And the websites have been really rocking by the advent of multi-media over the net. It is a well-known fact that images and videos are far better than texts in many situations. Websites offer that all easily. Now if you have to learn a subject, there are numerous videos on Youtube. And in many languages. It has really helped tremendously. 

The great impact of social media on our lives all over the world is equally unique and unparallel. Availability of news and opinion about almost anything with continued discussions about the topic from the people of different walks of life and various professions and backgrounds has changed the way media was ever working in ever before. All electronic media and print media now without fail has some columns like news from the net etc. And they are taking serious stuff from there. And not only that, all those who are there on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. are directly getting all such things on those sites. And it really helps to form an idea about some topic. In many times, it is probably better than the traditional types of media. Yes, of course, not always. 

Now we have Google Earth-like websites and we find maps of the location on almost on all the websites. We can enlarge the map and can view the roads, streets, landmarks, buildings and all such things that make us know where is that place. Such visuals are of immense help, it goes without saying.  

Even classifieds and yellow pages are available on the net. And the charming thing is that there is no restriction of the geography. Sitting here in India, we can check for our prospective clients in US or Australia. There are mobile number checkup sites where we can check whose number is this. It not only informs about the person but also about the location and the service provider of that number. Superb.  

And in this fast moving world, websites have cultured a faster way of finding new friends. Online friendship sites and dating sites hold a good share of the business. Finding the life partner now is probably far easier as many marriage portals are running there on the net. One can find much information about a person of interest on such sites and these sites also provide the way to communicate and contact that person. Think how tough it is without websites! 

Shopping and selling have become wonderfully easier because of e-commerce sites. And interestingly, goods are available on installments there. And if you compare the prices with that in the traditional market, online stores offer the goods at a remarkably lower rate. So just browse and place your order, pay online or pay on delivery, it is just that simple. They would ship your stuff to your place. And if needed, even refunding is possible. So now the local market is not everything, one has options and reach to the global market and so easily. 

Even medical advice is now available over the net to a good extent. It is not very popular and we cannot depend on it solely as it is yet not an alternative, but it has offered a great comfort in many situations. Not only the medical advice but legal advice also available on many websites. Actually speaking a wide range of consultancy is available on the net. The services available on websites range in a very big spectrum. We can see and evaluate property on websites, and even purchase it there. We can book our tickets and hotels for our travels. We can learn about various recipes and trending fashion.Say, what not! 

Websites are not doing good things only. There is always a dark side of anything. Even the underworld and the terrorist groups are using websites to propagate things of their interest, for recruitment and the black business. There are websites which offer contents which could not be fit for all the people, though available to all. There are websites that offer offensive and sexually explicit stuff that could not contribute to the society in some positive way. Children are talking about relationships and breakups on the social sites. They even explore adult sites in many cases. That is wrong, but luckily it could be controlled by parents. 

So the substance of the story is that websites are great powers and it is a big opportunity for the mankind today to use them in a proper way for an easy and happy life. 

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