Dietary Tips to Reduce Your Cholestrol Level

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Dietary Tips to Reduce Your Cholestrol Level

High cholesterol means a greater risk of suffering from heart ailments.

You can take some precautionary measures to reduce your cholesterol levels by caring for the kind of diet you take

1. Increase Fiber intake

You should increase the consumption of fruits like apples and food as oatmeal and beans as these are a rich source of soluble fiber. Your cholesterol levels are sure to fall if you take sufficient amount of fiber rich food on daily basis.

2. Eat Fish more often

You should take fish in your diet two to three times in a week. Fish are a rich source of Omega 3 fats and will help in lowering your cholesterol level to a significant level.

3. Increase intake of Nuts

Nuts are known to lower the cholesterol levels. Sterols in Nuts help the body not absorb the cholesterol and thus keep you in good spirits. Since nuts are rich in calories, they can be a good dietary intake for reducing the level of cholesterol in the body.

4. Spice your food

Develop the habit of using spices as ginger, garlic and black pepper in your food. This also helps limit the cholesterol level. Eating a clove of garlic on daily basis can also lead to lowering of cholesterol by 8 or 9 percent.

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