The bipolar journalism

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The bipolar journalism
    Media is one of the four pillars of democracy; probably this is the phrase we have been listening for so long.But today if we go through the media work, preferably electronic media, we can not be sure about this phrase.Media is supposed to be the strength of democracy, but unfortunately, no such things happening right now.There is "Shout", which is dominating over thought, the weird focus is shifted on individual from individuality, which is a real worry for the people.These days media has been polarized and be weirdly in every situation.It seems that TRP race between channels is making it more lethal.These days Dalit atrocity is being discussed a lot, which is good.As we know that in 2017, there is proposed election in various states.So the political parties are bleeding sharp their weapon to use Dalit's vote bank.And, in UP Dalit and Muslim votes are on target.Parties are trying to merge both as a vote bank which has no concern with the real issue of people.Slogans like "Jay Bheem","Jai Meem" are being raised from the same stage.

    To merge both vote bank is sad because Dalits and Muslims have their social issue which can not be same.How a casteism and religionism can be in the same plane ?in a Muslim community, there is a lot of examples which shows the intolerance of upper society toward the Dalit Muslim.How the supporter of Dr. Ambedkar, who is well known for their modern thought and talks about equality, can support the ideology of "Sariya law."Ambedkar too was against the "Sariya law" which impose too much limitation and boundaries for women.Media is also just doing it political way.Nothing is being discussed which have any concern with these social groups.Starting from intolerance, JNU and now Dalits media work has been questionable and seems to have a role in every political stunt.Nowadays every political stunt goes through the media and works as a catalyst at every junction.In the chemistry of political parties and their vote band media is the catalyst. People should be thankful for social media which is giving them a platform to share opinion and information.There is only noise on the news channel; the real voice is missing out in so much noise.
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