Editorial Cartoons Jazz Up The Newspapers

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Editorial Cartoons Jazz Up The Newspapers

Who says newspaper comic strips are dying? Cartoons make an integral part of newspapers, conveying messages or expressing public opinion immaculately. They are also considered as the pictorial overture or introduction to any key event or personality and the readers love them.

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Newspapers cartoons originated in Italy, followed by Germany and France.

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There are various types of cartoons:

Pocket cartoon  

It is a single-column cartoon having a fixed place on the first page of newspapers. Pocket cartoons deal with something related to the life of common people. They may be compassionate, humorous, or satirical. Such types of cartoons usually contain a single idea or perception. They convey to the readers an added message or information that is not provided by the articles or news stories.

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Political cartoon

It is also known as an editorial cartoon, which deals with contemporary political developments or events. Political cartoons are traditionally three-column cartoons. They are not always humorous, but rather more critical or sarcastic. Usually, such cartoons appear on page 1, depending on the significance or impact of the event.

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Strip cartoon

They are comic strips that are used to regale the readers and make the newspaper more appealing and attractive to the common readers, especially the younger generation. They give social messages too.

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Purpose of cartoons 

In most cases the purpose of newspaper cartoons is to add humor and sarcasm, hitting an individual or event above or below the belt often in an abysmal manner. Almost every cartoon has a unique character. Cartoons are recognized more by the lines and caricatures rather than by the name of the cartoonist. Most pictures comprise a caption that is apt and relevant to the sketch.

Cartoons are also considered as the lighter side of editorial opinion, not in words but through sketches and lines. They are a kind of running commentary on social changes, mistakes, failures, success, accomplishments, and major contemporary events.

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Newspaper cartoonists enjoy ample freedom to express their opinions or views, echoing the outlook of readers. Cartoonists always pick up news subjects, related to the present on a day-to-day basis. Cartoonists fear none while presenting their opinion on any event or individual.

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Some of the famous newspaper cartoonists in the world are Gary Larsen, Jonathan Shapiro, Lynn Johnston, Sudhir Dhar and R K Laxman.

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I like editorial cartoons mostly because .............  an idea is expressed in a different way  ........theme which is expressed can be taken in any way such persons can express their opinions to the socitey  very openly ..............

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