Do you think that mass communication students don't have to study?

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Do you think that mass communication students don't have to study?

Most of the students, parents and elders feel that journalism is a very casual and risky course. Human beings think that all those students who opt for journalism and mass communication, have to face unlimited challenges with very limited earnings. Parents feel that students pursue the course only because they don't have much to study in the course. Wherever a mass communication passes by, he or she is always taunted by students by saying "Why are you so concerned about your examinations, as it is you don't have anything to study? And look at us. We have to study the entire day."

A journalist has to toil day and night just to fetch a piece of the prominent news story. Most of the times the journalists have to sacrifice their peaceful sleep and rush to the venue to capture a perfect news story for their organization. After all these efforts people feel that journalism students don't have to study at all. All the mass communication students have to saturate their minds with the latest updates of news stories and must be aware of the names and dates related to the incidents, even more than History students. 

 A guy named Rahul got excellent result in his class 12 Board Examination. He was a Science student. His parents were proud of him. He received high commendations and appreciations from his friends and relatives. His parents urged him to opt for medical. But he refused.

He said, "I want to be a journalist. I want to study journalism and mass communication."

Rahul's mother shouted," What kind of decision is this? We are not forcing you to take medical, but don't opt for journalism. I've seen journalism students partying day and night. They have plenty of leisure to waste sleeping and partying. Most of them are caught bunking their classes. There's nothing to study in this field. There's no scope. Why did you opt for Science in 11th standard when you knew that you'd opt for a course in which you don't have to study. It's the total waste of time."

"Mom please, you're highly mistaken about the course."

Suddenly, somebody knocks the door. The person is no one else but Rahul's secondary school teacher. She was there to congratulate him for his excellent result. Rahul's mother persuaded his teacher to guide him regarding the course. But she supports Rahul instead.

She said, "Rahul has opted for a course that has a lot of scopes today. Most of the students and parents feel that this course is worthless and nobody studies. The reality is that only those students don't study who only opt for this course to lessen their burden of tight studying. Later these students do regret. But those who are dedicated towards the course always soar high in the sky and end up being the crown of the nation. Don't stop your child. Support him. Rahul needs your blessings."

Rahul's mother immediately apologized to Rahul and became the major support system of his life. His years of devotion makes him the most renowned reporter of India.


You have to study as well as you have to be creative. 

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