Had Donald Trump ever joined the military?

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Had Donald Trump ever joined the military?

With Donald trump being elected as the President of United States of America, his private life is increasingly becoming a matter of public concern. Among other questions being asked about his private life, the prominent one is if he ever joined the Army.

This question assumes significance for the fact that a public feud with a family of a fallen soldier has drawn him into an unnecessary discussion and people wish to know if their next President ever served in the army.

However, the truth is that Donald trump never served in the army and a major reason for the same is a series of deferments during the Vietnam War which ensured that he could not serve in the army.

During his graduation in 1964, he did register for Selective Service but his interests lay in the business empire which his father had made.

However, during the course of his education, trump received four deferments which made him a fit case for not being considered for serving in the army. Interestingly in 1968 Donald Trump was granted a medical deferment due to bone spurs in his heel.

However,lately, Donald Trump expressed his resentment that he could not serve in the army. In an election campaign in New Hampshire last year, Donald Trump said that he felt a little guilty that he could not serve in the army.

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