How long can Bleeding after Birth last?

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How long can Bleeding after Birth last?

Are you experiencing blood loss after giving birth? If you have given birth recently, you may be experiencing bleeding which could be similar to your periods. Due to lack of knowledge, you may feel something has gone wrong, or this may lead to some kind of panic. But do not worry! Here's what it may mean. 

Whether you have a normal delivery or delivered through C-section, you will experience loss of blood right after giving birth. This is absolutely normal, and there is nothing to worry about. If you were not aware of this fact, you can read up on it and also have a word with your physician regarding it. It is best if you discuss all these things with your doctor before you deliver. This will you be prepared for the bleeding and also not cause any kind of unnecessary panic.

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Why Does This Happen?

This kind of bleeding is known as ‘lochia’ or ‘flow’ in medical terms. It takes place because your body gets rid of the lining of your uterus. This bleeding may happen in huge gushes and also may flow out pretty evenly. This depends on the body of the individual and how it is flushing out this blood. This bleeding is done by the body, by contracting or squeezing down the uterus.

What Will You Need To Do Deal With This Bleeding?

You will need to stock up on a bunch of maternity pads. You need to keep them handy as the blood flow may not be very even and the interval of time between the increase and decrease of the bleeding may not be the same at all times. It is recommended that you do not use tampons for at least the first six weeks after you have given birth. You need to realize the fact that your entire body is still healing. Inserting tampons may increase the chances of bacterial infection in your uterus which is in the process of healing. Please always wash your hands each time before changing the pads; you need to be extra careful during this phase, immediately after giving birth.

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For How long Does The Bleeding Take Place After Giving Birth?

#1. For the initial three or four days, the bleeding is heavy and takes place regularly. It can be expected to be as heavy as your menstrual bleeding. You can expect the bleeding to be dark red in color and fresh.

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#2. After the fourth or latest by the fifth day, the bleeding should become light pink in color; it is more watery, indicating comparatively less blood loss. You may also experience intervals of darker blood flowing out and going back to the light pink blood. But it will not remain dark red and heavy blood flow after the fourth day. What you need to observe or keep in mind is the amount of physical activity you are engaging into, if you continue to have heavy blood flow, it may be an indication that you need to rest more and not indulge in any kind of physical exertion.

#3. After around 10 days of giving birth, you will see the pinkish blood flow has reduced it into a yellowish white discharge. There might be a few instances of a few blood spots once in a while. But in most cases the bleeding stops and a few case it may go on until 6 weeks after giving birth.

#4. It is a commonly asked question or concern if blood clots are normal. It is absolutely normal to have a few blood clots. There is no need to be worried about them. It will occur but in a very little quantity.

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