How to Call Off your Wedding like an Adult?

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How to Call Off your Wedding like an Adult?

Do you want to call off your wedding? Did it occur to you on the spur of a moment that your decision to get married was wrong? Have you just realized that your fiance isn’t the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? But the invites have been sent, bookings for the dream wedding are done, and the wedding outfits have been purchased. What do you do in this situation? Would it be right to call off the wedding? People would get upset, and a lot of people might have prepared for the wedding. One decision will put the other people at a loss. How to call off a wedding like an adult?

Your decision to call off your wedding will be a huge shock to everyone but you cannot compromise your whole life to keep others happy. It would be better to make a right decision that may hurt someone than to take a wrong decision that gives people temporary satisfaction. Your partner proposed to you in front of a hundred people and you couldn’t say no because you were overwhelmed and saying a no would be very embarrassing for your partner. You may have gotten excited when you were proposed but now that the wedding date is close you have come to a realization that this is not how you wanted things to happen. You are not ready for marriage. The reason for calling off the wedding may not be the fiance but it could be the person’s unpreparedness.

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Marriage is a huge responsibility for which one person must be mentally clear. Any sort of ambiguity can ruin a relationship and therefore, calling off a wedding would be the most appropriate thing to do. Do not be worried about what people will think. The only people who matter are your family and your partner. A lot of times, people get anxious with the thought of marriage as it will change their entire life. The anxiety causes apprehension and people feel like running away. If you think it is the stress that has led you to the decision then try talking to your partner and family. If they ease you out of the anxiety then you will know that you want to marry this person but if talking doesn’t help then try to consult a marriage counselor. They will suggest you the right thing to do. Escaping the whole scenario would be very immature and it would hurt people more than calling off a wedding. Think a hundred times before you call off your wedding. It may be the best decision at the point but how you present your perspective can make things worse. Be careful about how you present your proposal to call off the wedding. What is important is that people who matter to you should know the reason why you want to call off your wedding or postponing it. Here are some tips that can help you to call off the wedding:

#1. Break The News To Your Partner

The first person who should know about your decision is your partner. The person you promised to wed has the right to know why you are taking such a decision. The person loves you and wishes to spend their entire life with you. They might have planned a lot of things for your future together and then you suddenly break the news that you do not want to marry anymore. The news will break their heart and will invoke a lot of emotions. They will be upset as well as angry. They may not react well to this situation and therefore you will have to keep your calm. Inform your partner about why you took such a step and do not hesitate in speaking your emotions because if you do not do it today, you will have to repent later. If you are just afraid of marriage and the responsibilities then let them know. They would understand your concerns. What if they agree and help you in calling off the wedding? Take the chance and be positive.

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#2. Call The Dear Ones

After you have informed the fiancee, you should inform the other people involved in the marriage that is your and your partner’s family. Sit with your family and talk to them about your decision. They will be surprised of course, but they will understand because they do not want you to regret your decision of marrying forever. They would be the last person to want your bad, and so it will not be difficult to talk to them. The problem will arise when you have to talk to your partner’s family. They may hate you for backing out at the last moment, but you have to respect it. Their aggression is understandable because calling off a wedding is not something that can happen in a snap. People have a lot at stake during a wedding, and when something like this happens, they may lose a lot of things. People take loans to arrange their dream wedding and calling off the wedding will mean that the money got wasted. It would be easy for you if your partner talked to their family, but you should be present as well at the time of the talk. If you do not face them, then they might not forgive you. Apologize to all the people who you may hurt in the process.

#3. Send An Email To All Invitees

Now, you will still have a lot of people whom you have to answer like the friends who were coming from a different state or country to attend your wedding. They might have already booked the flight tickets and booked rooms for their stay. If the wedding gets canceled, then their money will be wasted. You will have to send an email and a text message telling all your friends and relatives about calling off the wedding. There will be a lot of replies asking you how and why are you calling off the wedding and you will have to answer all the queries. You cannot ignore them for long also because you have cost them a lot. A lot of people may not cancel their plan because they would have made plans and taken holidays from work. They will not waste their money, but it will still be your headache. You can try to offer some compensation to a few people who were coming especially for your wedding. You cannot pay for each one of the guests so make sure that you do not tell everyone.

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#4. Send Back The Wedding Gifts

Send the wedding gifts back to the people who sent you. If there is no wedding, then there should not be any gifts as well. Without a wedding what will you do with the gifts? So, you will have to send all the gifts even if you do not wish to. The wedding gifts are the most impressive sometimes. There would be beautiful jewelry and dresses for the bride and other things for the couple, but you cannot keep them. The gifts also cost people who sent them, so, return them as soon as possible with gratitude. Be thankful to the people who tried to be a part of your happiness and who are coping with your decision to call off the wedding.

#5. Cancel All The Bookings

You will also have to cancel all the bookings. The person who arranged for the wedding should be informed duly and help them cancel all the bookings. If your partner had planned everything on their own then the process will be quite painful for them. Therefore, help them or do everything on your own. It will be hectic and disturbing, but you will have to deal with the situation.

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