How to make your Partner Feel Loved in a Long Distance Relationship?

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How to make your Partner Feel Loved in a Long Distance Relationship?

Long distance relationships are like fire, and the absence of a partner in a relationship is like the wind. If the relationship is weak and lacks love, then the distance will extinguish the fire but if the relationship has the power and the strength then the wind will make the fire fierce. 

Long distance relationships are such that they require a lot of effort and patience to keep it alive. When we fall in love with someone age, size and distance do not matter. We are just attracted to the person and loving them is the only thing that surrounds our mind. Gradually we understand the amount of energy and efforts that are needed to keep it working. You and your partner live in two different cities because of which it becomes impossible to meet each other every day. You do not get to spend time with them to share all your days’ experience. 

When we are in love, we want to share everything which each other and even the shortest distance becomes a hanging noose. You may try and communicate with each other all day, but the feeling of being with your partner is still amiss. You lose the romance in your relationship when even communication through the mobile decreases because of your engagement in other works.

There is a multitude of problems for a couple in a long-distance relationship. You often ask yourself are long distance relationships worth it?In a long distance relationship you do not live with your partner or even close to each other, and when you do not meet, the only medium of connecting is a mobile phone. You chat all day through messages, and you may even have a video call to see each other, but when you really do not participate in each other’s lives, you start concentrating on yours. You meet your own friends, and you spend time with them. Slowly, you and your partner do not give each other time even on the mobile, and that is when the relationship starts to fall. 

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship, and when you lack a constant connection with each other, feelings like jealousy and mistrust begin to surface. Your partner becomes jealous when they see you with some other person on the social media, and they even sense something fishy even if there is not. It is very generic if your partner becomes a jealous person and starts to lose trust in you because they are not involved in your life in any manner as a result of which they are not aware of the people in your life. Your partner then starts to suspect you and they become possessive. They want to know everything you do at every point of time which can spoil your moments of living. As when you keep informing your partner about what you are going to do or what you are doing, you are not actually living in those moments. You do not get to enjoy every part of it. So, what should be done? 

What to do to keep love alive in a long distance relationship? Let us know how to make your partner feel loved in a long distance relationship.  

#1. Do The Basic

In a long distance relationship, it is important to take care of the small details and the basic things to keep the romance alive in a relationship because you do not get time to be with each other more than often. The first thing you can do is to text your partner a good morning and good night message. A good morning message will make your partner think that they are the first person you think about in the morning and the last person before you sleep. The point is that they will know they stay in your mind all the time. Ask them about their day every day, about little things that matter to them.

#2. Exchange Plethora Of Pictures

When you have covered the basics, it is time to keep the attraction alive. Send your pictures and ask for theirs to feel closer to each other. You do not get an opportunity to meet, but you can make use of technology on which you have your money. Click pictures of things you do and tell them about it. Your partner always wants to know what you are doing in every day so make sure you both know about each other. Compliment your partner when they send their picture to you. This will keep the spark alive, and you both will be attracted to each other. And when you will be attracted, you would want to meet them as soon as possible.

#3. Share Gifts To Make Each Other Feel Special

You can send your partner little gifts that they were not expecting from you. You can send flowers to your partner on a random day, and they will not stop smiling all day thinking about you. You can send them something they mentioned to you about buying like if they like to read books then send them a new book they would love to read or your favorite book to express your feelings for them. Send your partner greeting cards or a dress that you want them to wear on your next date. These little gifts will make your relationship stronger.

#4. Have Healthy Discussions, Not Arguments

The most important thing to keep your partner happy and your relationship to build trust are to discuss with your partner about how life is going on and how the relationship between the two of you is going. If there is any discrepancy between the two, then you should talk to them about it. Tell them about any issue that you are facing in your life or about the things that you do not like about the relationship. This way you will be building a stronger relationship.

#5. Plan Multiple Surprises For Each Other

The biggest and the best surprise for a partner in a long distance relationship can be a surprise visit. You long to meet each other and very often the plans get canceled either because of you or because of them. So, plan a surprise visit to their place and meet them. Your partner will be the happiest being at that moment, and we believe you will be too. Plan an amazing day out with your partner like going for a movie first and then a dinner at her favorite restaurant. If it is possible, then stay the night with your partner and then leave in the morning after breakfast. There could not be a better surprise for your partner and a better date for you.

#6. Keep The Romance Flyinh High

Romancing your partner does not mean that you have to do it physically, but you can romance them in other ways as well. Obviously, when you cannot meet them, you will have to connect with them through your phone. You can be romantic on a video call as well. You can make the setup of a date in case you have not been able to meet them. You can act as if you guys are on a date. You can send your partner romantic text messages that express your feelings for them, or you can write poetries or a love letter to your partner. There are hundreds of creative ways to make your partner feel special you just need the will to do so.

If you know about other creative ideas to make a partner feel special in a long distance relationship, then share them with us through the comments section below.

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Long distance relationships can be demanding because you have to make more efforts than a normal relationship to keep it working. In a normal relationship one has the time to hang out with the partner bit in a long distance relationship one has to take out extra time for travelling a long distance just to see the partner. Though all the trouble is worth it when you meet the person you love so much that distance has no impact on the relationship. Distance makes a heart grow fonder and it is true for the long distance relationship. Also, being in a long distance relationship teaches you a lot of things that you would not understand otherwise like you understand the importance of love and a relationship. When we have the people we love around us then we do not understand their value in our lives but when they go away we realize what we have missed.

It becomes significant then to make your partner feel loved so that you never have to leave them. Maintaining a constant contact with the partner is a necessity to involve them in your life. We can go back to old school romance and write them a letter or simply express your feelings to your partner from to time. Do not let other things come in between you and do not comprise on the time you have assigned for your partner. And if you fail to give them time someday then apologize for doing it with a good explanation. Little things matter in any relationship and specially knowing about their little habits, likes and dislikes. If you know your partner completely then distance would not matter even if your partner lives in another country.

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