Vital Role of Newspaper

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Vital Role of Newspaper

Man’s desire for something new is perennial. From urban men who meet at any formal gathering to rural women who congregate at the village well and so on all have a universal aim to exchange news and views. In the primitive age when there was no newspaper, radio, television or the Internet, the visitor from a distant region or the bearer of government orders were the primary carriers of news.

The importance if newspapers even in the modern era of live television news byte and the Internet can be measured by the increasing circulation of all major dailies alongside the mechanical speed of newspaper production.

Some leading newspapers enjoy a daily circulation of over one million. If the total number of readers is calculated from the viewpoint of circulation of newspapers, it is a few billions.
What the subscribers read they naturally come to believe and accept. Thus opinions are formed and movements are created silently and steadily.

A newspaper still plays a vital role in the society. It plays the role of a great educator of the public mind. It is a book, pulpit, podium and forum. There are many people across the globe who does not read anything except a newspaper.

A prosperous and responsible newspaper can be competent enough to command a higher and broader treatment of social and moral values, art and literature, of scientific attainments and accomplishments in the areas of medical science and technology, sports, entertainment, and socio-economic development alongside political exposure.

Its reputation causes it to be impartial, dignified and selective, thereby benefiting the public and the nation.

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yes newspaper circulation has been affected with emergence of TV, radio, and social media.

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