Is the Indian Media reliable or is it fabricated?

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Is the Indian Media reliable or is it fabricated?
Many years ago, Media was the voice of the common man. Print Journalism was a friend of the Indian people. But now the time has come when some introspection by the Indian Media is necessary and required. A lot of people, not just those in authority but the common people too have realized that the Indian Media has become irresponsible and haywire. 

There have been a lot of defects in the functioning of the Indian Media. Let me give you one example. I read about a celebrity couple Shweta Tiwari and Husband Abhinav Kohli, who are pregnant with their first child. Shweta has taken a break but Abhinav has gone away to shoot for some days. But our Media Friends wrote a headline, “Abhinav left home, Shweta in dismay”. What a great piece of Article I read there. If you just read the Headline, it would compel you to think that Abhinav has left Shweta Forever! That’s a really sad piece of news first, which wouldn’t get any attention. But our beloved Media needs views, so they create such a headline that makes you think about how to break that journalist’s head! 

By showing false and defamatory news with a purpose of creating sensation and money, the Media makes you think they are doing social service for the nation. But the truth is that they are just making money by showing a false piece of news. Of late, paid news has also become a prominent issue for us. People actually pay the Media to show a particular news to get famous or to make somebody else infamous. It is a known fact that the media today has lost its charm like before. Politics and Media today, go hand in hand. Media shows only that news that the Politicians want people to see. They often pay the Media to NOT show a particular news. It’s not a new phenomenon for us to know. 

I am not saying that whole Media is the loser. Some good Journalists also exist who want to show the real news to the people of India. But the question is why are there only some good journalists? Why can’t every person that includes the people in the Media, Politicians, and Government Officers. 

Showing Non-issues important is also a big issue. At a renowned Fashion Week, there were more than 500 journalists present to cover the event, the Models were displaying cotton garments, while the farmers that grew that cotton, were dying either due to lack of money and food. And the designers earned loads of money. How ironic! Nobody wrote their story. Nobody wants to talk about the situation that the farmers are facing. Is this a responsible way for the media to behave? I feel our media behave like Queen Marie Antoinette, who said, “why aren’t people eating cake if they don’t have bread”? 

I am not saying the Media never shows a news about our farmers or the high price rise of essential items but the %age of their coverage is minimal, just about 5%. Rest of the 95% news shows the events in the lives of Film stars, Fashion shows or Cricket. But this not just the Indian Media that behaves irrationally. Every country has its own chaotic Media that covers irrelevant news all the time. It’s our responsibility to rectify the mistakes of our own media, making them realize the value of real and factual news that we wish to watch and learn the news of our country.

This can still be rectified but certain necessary actions have to be taken by the Government. But it is a difficult task as we have many News Channels in our country. The Press Council of India must act fast and smart and make some strict rules and regulations about the News that will be shown. If they don’t find anything proper, then they should be strict with the news channels to cancel or reject the News Broadcast

As a citizen of India, I want the Indian Media to know that I am not interested in the Pregnant Actress’s life or which actress got divorced or which actor faced wardrobe malfunction. I think we all are done with your nonsense news and your nonsense channels. I also want you to know that the People of India are not that dumb not to understand what’s the right news and what’s fabricated one. So, please save all of us from this torture and start showing us the real News! 
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