NaMo - TIME Person of the Year 2016

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Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister has won the online readers poll for TIME Person of the year. By doing so, Narendra Modi has beaten other world leaders, politicians, and artists, as the most influential person for the year 2016.

Though the final results are always decided by magazine’s editor, the viewer’s choice matters a lot and the elevation of Narendra Modi to this position truly proves that he is a world leader with mass appeal. When the poll closed, Narendra Modi was leading by 16% votes as compared to others in the contention. The popularity of Narendra Modi can be understood from the fact that world leaders as Barack Obama, Donald trump and Julian Assang were vying for the position.

Other prominent people like Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg were also placed behind Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi not only topped among those who voted from India but people in New Jersey and California in United States of America voted in favor of Narendra Modi, even though Barack Obama and Donald Trump were in the fray.

Narendra Modi has been extremely popular as an influential leader in India owing to his tough decisions like the surgical strike and demonetization. He has truly emerged as a world leader and his elevation as TIME Person of the year is an indication in this regard.

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