How Do Online Food Ordering Sites Make Money?

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How Do Online Food Ordering Sites Make Money?

Advantages of having an online food-ordering site or app are manyfold. Some restaurants offer user choice with the ingredients, and the best thing is you don't need to walk off if one restaurant is closed as you can find a list of restaurants available in that area. People as always love offers and promotions when it comes to online food ordering as it will be fun and money-saving for them. Even the payment is also done through payment gateway so that there will be no hassles. All you got to do is just enjoy the food you ordered.  

And from a service provider point of view, there are obviously many incentives as to why someone should own a food delivery business. However, the way one makes money and how much money is it possible to make by such a business is often not talked about; or at least has no proper guidelines set to it. So, how can you earn money from food delivery apps? Please share your opinion.

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It is surely a great entrepreneurial idea, to begin with. If successful it can reap tremendous results. 

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