10 Short Stories To Make You Feel Happy & Motivated Right Away

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10 Short Stories To Make You Feel Happy & Motivated Right Away

We bring to you a collection of 10 short stories that would definitely make you think, make you laugh, make you smile or would make you burst into tears. Motivation and happiness are much-needed outlooks in everyone's life. And through the assortment, we hope to do the same for you.

But before you start reading further, let alone the tears of past and move forward with a warm and happy heart. Move forward being grateful for all the pleasant and kind moments that took place in your life! 

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#1. So the other day I was telling my 18-year-old grandson how no one asked me out for the prom night while I was studying at the high school so I had to skip the event.

Today, he showed up in the evening outside our house, all groomed and dressed in a tuxedo waiting for me to be his date at the prom.

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#2. And today she woke up after her eleven months coma period. Immediately after that she kissed me and thanked me for being there, by her side. She appreciated me for telling her all those beautiful stories and for never giving up on her. What she said next blew my mind. She said, "Yes, I will marry you!"

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#3. My father is the most extraordinary person. He is the one I admire completely. He is just the one we (our family) could have ever asked for! He’s unquestionably a loving husband to my mother. He has attended every game and competitions of mine since I was 5 and now I am 17. He does everything to provide our family all that he can!

However, something unusual happened this morning. I was searching through his toolbox (as he's a construction foreman) for pliers and found a dusty piece of folded paper at the bottom. It somewhat seemed like an old handwritten note dated exactly one month before I was born.

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It read this way, “I am eighteen years old, an alcoholic, failing out of the college, a child abuse victim along with a criminal record of auto theft. Next month, the list will also add the tag of ‘teen father’. But I assert to make things right for my little girl. I'll be the father who I never had!"

I am stunned, don't know how he did it, but he did it. He made it happen!

#4. On a lighter note: I operated a little girl today who required O- blood and we didn’t have any. But on the other side, her twin brother was of the same blood group so we explained him the matter of death and life. For a moment, he sat there really quietly and waved goodbye to his parents.

Without paying much attention we took his blood and realized later what he meant. The boy asked us “When will I die?”

The little chap thought he was giving his life for his sister. Thankfully, both of them are fine now!

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#5. The other day I was sitting with my 7-year-old son listening to his school stories. Suddenly he came up to me and gave a hug. I asked him what happened and he replied saying I am the best mom in the entire world. To this, I smiled and said, "How do you know that? You haven’t even met the moms of the whole world." 

He squeezed me even tighter, gazed into my eyes and said, "You are my world. I know it all." 

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#6. It's her 128th day today resting in the state of a coma on the hospital bed. I have been visiting her throughout the time. But last night was difficult. As she lays there, I dreamt that she is no more!

I woke up abruptly, tears filled in my eyes yet I couldn’t bring myself to go and see her that way! What if the dream was true? What if she really was no more? How am I going to learn to live without her?

So I stayed there in my bed and kept staring the roof. And then suddenly my phone rang, I picked the call praying to God that everything was fine but what I heard the call was like a healing music to my ears - It was her!

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#7. My 17-year-old Labrador (named Koko) can barely stand up at this moment. She cannot see either hear, cannot move from her place, isn't able to eat on her own and doesn't even have the strength to bark once a day. But there definitely is something that makes Koko continuously wag her tail every single time I come to see her or sit near her. She makes me believe in magic!

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#8. Today at the hospital is an elderly patient who is severely suffering from Alzheimer’s and she barely remembers anything! She doesn't remember her name, the things that happened a few minutes ago, what she ate or if at all she ate. She doesn't recognize people, she panics when outside and totally goes crazy over her situation. But by the stretch of an incredible miracle, perhaps love, this woman perfectly remembers who her husband is, how they got married and how handsome he is. Every morning when he comes to see her at the hospital she greets him saying, “Hello my good looking Ed!” 

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#9. "It was a horrifying day today, I cried all day long," my wife said. Continuing further, she told me about what happened today. Our two-year-old daughter, Maria, fell from the kitchen window into the pool on the ground floor while my wife saw all of this in outright fear. Even before she could get to Maria or save her from drowning in the pool, Rex jumped in. He grabbed Maria by her collar and pulled her to the spot where she could easily stand. Maria is fine now. And Rex is our 6-year-old golden retriever.

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#10. Today is when I am re-reading my suicide note for almost the 100th time. It's been 15 years when I wrote this letter after miserably failing in all my life tests.

But it was only after a minute of writing this letter that my girlfriend showed up announcing she is pregnant!

Oh dear, I am so thankful you showed up! I got a reason to live, I had a reason to stand up again after falling and I had a reason to not look back onto the past.

Today she is my wife. We are happily married. And my son is 16 years old now. He also has two younger sisters.

I keep reading this suicide note as a reminder to be grateful – I am grateful that I got a second chance at not only my life but also love.

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