21 Things You Would Relate To If You Have A Guy Best Friend

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21 Things You Would Relate To If You Have A Guy Best Friend

While we spend most of our social media posts celebrating that squad of girl best friends, we often overlook how important their male counterparts are. All in all, there is no denying the fact that, no matter what, you can always count on your male bestie. Here is a shoutout to the male best friends and a list of things you will understand only if your bestie is a guy:-

Here is a shoutout to the male best friends and a list of things you will understand only if your bestie is a guy:-

#1. The love-hate equation- Be prepared to get into fights at the drop of a hat: a sarcastic and roast version of the cat fights you have with your girlfriend.


(Image Courtesy: Psychology Today)

#2. Get the answers- You can ask your guy best friend some major revelations on the male world.

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#3. The ‘you are dating’ turmoil- People might keep asking you and your best friend are dating.

(Image Courtesy: Cosmopolitan) 

#4. A secret chamber- You get to drop in all your secrets without the risk of getting them out to the world.

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#5. The never-ending drama- Don’t live with the myth of cutting out on the drama with your guy best friends. They can be as dramatic as your girlfriends.

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#6. Go crazy on the fandom- While you may share thrilling and similar television and cinematic interest with your girlfriends, the fandom bonding with your male best friends is out of the world.

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#7. The monolog moment- You can have that flawless monolog moment, without being interrupted.

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#8. Name game- Chances are that you might get overloaded with a gazillion nickname bestowed upon you by you guy bestie.

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#9. No sugar-coating- Well, you might as well get some honest opinions from your guy best friends.

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#10. Getting stereotyped- You might also get typecast as a tomboy.

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#11. Be yourself- You can throw away all the sophistication you have learned until now when your guy bestie is around.

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#12. Life hacks- Your guy bestie might train you on the life hacks for everyday situations you have been struggling with.

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#13. Oversimplification- Your male bestie might over simplify your problems for you, leaving you surprisingly annoyed.

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#14. Listen to your way- If your bestie is a great listener to your daily rants, he would want you to listen to him when the time comes.  

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#15. Girl advises- Be prepared with all the advice you have, whenever your guy bestie is in girl trouble.

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#16. Bear hugs- Your guy bestie may give you the best comfort hugs ever.

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#17. Love for food- If you are a foodie, your bond with your guy bestie reaches another lever.

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#18. Innuendo- Your chances of becoming a pro at dirty jokes double if you have a guy best friend.

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#19. Girlfriend attack- Well, your girlfriends usually end up adoring your guy best friend and may keep asking if he is single.

(Image Courtesy: The Book Patch)

20. A personal life?- Getting a mini heart attack when your guy best friend abandons you for a night out is perfectly normal.

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#21. Having someone to count on- You definitely know that, no matter what, your guy bestie will always have your back.

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