Who killed Indian Journalist Gauri Lankesh?

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Who killed Indian Journalist Gauri Lankesh?

Renowned Journalist and activist Gauri Lankesh's assassination has left the entire country shocked with millions seeking an answer from the police about the people behind the murder. For those who do not know who Gauri Lankesh was, she was an Editor of a Kannada weekly who voiced her aggression against the caste system and exposed several corrupt Congressmen. 

Her death has paved the way to question the national security. Is there no one who can stand against the malicious practices and stay alive? Is the person always going to get killed? Is the justice of India so weak that they cannot build a secure India? Is it just going to be on papers that India is a "secular" and "democratic" country? 

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I agree to the fact that it is very difficult to express our views freely against any kind of injustice. There is always the threat to our lives. 

Gauri Lankesh was a journalist who always spoke her heart out. She understood the bigger fight that India needed to concentrate on that escaped the realms of politics. It is unfortunate to learn that such a fine journalist was shot dead by unrecognized assailants. 

killing journalists is one of the most cowardly things the "powerful" people can do. the death of Gauri Lankesh comes as a shock and shows the ugly side of exposing politicians.

The police is still investigating the case, however, the current BJP government is being liked to the death of Gauri Lankesh. Speaking against this serious allegations, the BJP party member said, "Nitin Gadkari says linking killing to BJP 'irresponsible, baseless and false". The incident was again a dark day for India and highlights the fact that journalists aren't safe.

With incidences like these happening on an everyday basis, it is hard to say that India is even near being a secular country. 

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