Why did people vote for Narendra Modi?

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Why did people vote for Narendra Modi?

26th May 2014 was a historic day in Indian political history. It was after decades that a majority government was sworn in New Delhi. Sh. Narendra Modi was sworn as the Prime Minster of India on this day.

The BJP government under the leadership of Narendra Modi had come after a decade of rule of United Progressive Alliance led by Manmohan Singh. One of the biggest reason for people voting Narendra Modi to power was the anti incumbency factor since UPA led by Manmohan Singh had ruled for 10 years. The second term of Manmohan Singh was not much appreciated as many of his ministers were embroiled in corruption charges.

BJP has always been visualized as a strong nationalist party by common people of India. Given the better track record of Narendra Modi in state of Gujarat where he had been Chief Minster for three successive terms was a major factor which led the people to vote in favor of Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi also promised to end corruption which he has been largely successful in since none of his ministers has been involved in corruption cases until now. The issue of black money abroad was also successfully raised by Narendra Modi in his election campaign and it hit the chord with the masses who voted for him in large numbers resulting in formation of a BJP led majority government at Centre.

The opposition was also divided on issue of leadership post the elections while BJP had projected Narendra Modi as the probable Prime Minster candidate. This also went in favor of the party and they were able to win by a historic margin and establish a majority government in New Delhi.

It is however a big challenge to manage a diverse country as India and Narendra Modi has a key challenge in ensuring that India remains strong and united under his leadership.

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Narendra Modi is the only politician who would help India to emerge as a developed nation.

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