10 Effective Ways To Manage Your Anger Before It Starts Managing You

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10 Effective Ways To Manage Your Anger Before It Starts Managing You

Are you the one being troubled by how anger controls you rather than the other way round? Have you always been told not to get angry but never were offered the solutions to manage it? Despite trying to restrict the fight-to-fight response, there hits an unbalanced state wherein constraining yourself gets out of your hands.

Anger hits like an enormous scary wave and leaves everything ripped apart. Here's how you can deal with anger and not let it ruin any situation.

#1. Share

Cleanse your mind and share what you feel with the one who is truly equipped with hearing to the difficult emotions in a supportive way. Let there not be a casual audience but supporters who can perceive what you are going through.

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#2. Experience the power of rest

Tiredness can bring about frustration and confusion. Therefore, a 6-8 hour sleep is essential for better anger-management. Ensure that your body gets proper rest to remain calm and untroubled!

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#3. Think, think and think!

Before holding the regret of a harsh damage created by you, pre-analyse your statements. Collect your thoughts and carefully chose the one that you need to let out. Understand the sensitivity of the situation you are in, before bothering anyone else!

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#4. A timeout!

These aren't just for kids to make use during their play time. Adults too can give themselves short breaks to peacefully gather themselves and prepare for the stress that might lead throughout the day. Maybe, stay quiet for some time and pacify your anger.

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#5. The possible solution

Despite the troubled situation in hand, train your mind to look out for positive solutions. Try resolving the issues rather than opening doors for inviting more disputes.

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#6. Let it out - Exercise

Let your anger out in a healthy way. Either hit the gym or run as fast as you can in the park. It will soothe your mind and lessen your anger as you indulge in activities where you have to invest focused efforts. Just channelise your energy into anything better.

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#7. Meditate

You won't understand the benefits until you get into a meditation session for at least 5 minutes every day. The process immediately calms you. Regular practice helps you sustain the benefits of being mentally balanced. It will help you seek answers from your inner self, rather than others.

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#8. Breath- Believe- Receive

How to get over your anger? Inhale and exhale! Breathing is the link between your mind, body and the soul. Get to a place where you might not want to be seen, a place which is away from everyone else. Close your eyes, start taking deeper breaths and observe how your fierce temper drops.

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#9. Find the bigger picture

If a heated argument is what you've been thinking about all day, it's time for some life changing analyzation. Count on the list of things you might be grateful for. Sit and focus on the rights of your life. Neutralize your anger with empathy and find the greater picture to your current situation.

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#10. Ask yourself is it worth?

Be completely objective in the situation. Not let emotions involve. Ask yourself, is the anger worthy of your time? Does it hold importance in the long run? Is an aggressive confrontation required? Was the escalation accidental or intentional? Cool off, gain the answers and then act upon it!

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Have you ever been in a situation where arguments took over your personal space and calm? How did you deal with it? Share your experiences and opinions with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you!

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Analyse If It's Worth Your Time

Getting angry might become the biggest regret of one's life. We tend to say to say things hat we should not when we are angry, causing hurt to our loved ones. While it is impossible to always shut yourself to avoid getting angry, one can definitely give the cause a thought. There are times when we get angry on frivolous issues. Analysing if the problem really needs so much time and energy, one can easily control their anger.

Take A Break

I think taking a break is very very important because if you will not distract yourself to some quiet place then, there are chances that things might get out of hand for a while or longer and no one wants that...right?

If you take a break at this point then you will be able to take some fresh air, your mood will be distracted and the chances of creating a mess will decrease. Also, it will give you the time to realize if you have done any mistake or what solutions will best suit the current scenario.

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