How do you build a dog house?

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How do you build a dog house?

You just love your dogs, right? I know how it feels like when a new member enters into the family in the form of a dog. You never get to know when the animal becomes the best part of your family. You always get its favorite things to eat, good shampoo to take bath, beautiful chain and a lot of things. But aren’t you fed up of its fur all around your home? I bet that if you get him a new home, it would be the best gift to him and you can keep him warm and your house fur-free.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to make a dog house yourself and you will find it easy.

Construction of base

There are many things which have to be kept in mind while thinking about the base. The main thing is that the base has to be dry and insulated as most of the dogs don’t like to live in a wet area. So it is advised to make the base of a material which is water resistant and insulated. Use paper and pencil to roughly draw the diagram of the house you want to make. Again the size of the house depends on how big your dog is?

Cut the wood into 4 pieces, 2 of 23 inches and 2 of 22-1/2 inches so that you can easily make a rectangle using these 4 pieces. Attach all the four pieces with the help of drilling machine and screws so that it can be seen as a frame. Now take one sheet of ply and attach it to the wooden frame to make a hard base for you dog house.

Construction of walls

The next step is to build up the walls of the house. Cut the wood into 4 equal pieces each of 26 inches long and 24 inches wide. Here we are trying to construct a house with a rectangular roof, so we need to cut a triangle from the top of the front and the back wall of the house. Then take the front wall and cut the front opening for the dog and his things to enter. Again it depends on you what shape you want to give it? Just keep in mind that the opening must neither be too small for the dog to enter nor be too big to enter a lot of heat or cold. Again use the drilling machine and attached all the four walls with the help of screws.

Construction of roof

There are numerous kinds of roofs you can make according to the climatic conditions of the place. We have chosen a sloping roof as it does not allow water or snow to stay on it. You need to cut the two sides of the roof each of size 32 inches long and 20 inches wide. There two sides of the roof will rest on the two rectangular sides of the house. Adjust the roof on the top and screw it up there. Be very careful while attaching the walls and roof together as it must be very strong enough to handle your dog.


So the house of dog is ready, now let us make it a home. You can choose a paint of your favorite color and paint the house so that it looks beautiful and elegant. You can even make the roof more rugged with the help of any tar paper or roof paper. For the interior, you can keep any blanket in winters and a carpet in summers for the comfort of your dog. You can even add some accessories or hang up some of his toys. Finally, the house is ready.

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Yes, dogs do need a dog house.

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