How can you avoid negative things and negative people?

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How can you avoid negative things and negative people?

Nobody can avoid negative people from their life completely. Negative things are also bound to happen in everybody’s life. The key is to manage them properly instead of not getting carried away by the negativity. Many people become highly involved with negative aspects of life and they develop a pessimistic attitude towards life over a period. 

If you keep on spending time with negative people regularly, you become emotionally drained. It is mainly because of the fact that attitudes of negative people are contagious and over the period of time, your mind becomes cluttered. How can you avoid negative things and negative people?

Accept that negative thoughts are normal

Various psychological studies show that around 80% of human thoughts contain some element of negative content. What does it indicate? Negative thoughts come to everybody’s mind and it is a normal process. The problem arises when you believe that these thoughts are real and the best option available to get rid of this negative perspective is to take two steps back to get a more reasonable perspective.

Learn how to label your thoughts

You must ask yourself realistic and relevant questions about your negative thoughts. You can ask questions like ‘does this thought contain any truth,' is it relevant or important’ or ‘is this thought beneficial.' If you want to get rid of the negative mindset, you must learn the process of labeling your thoughts. People, who have a negative mindset, always say that they are going to fail and this attitude is not going to help them perform well. You should say to yourself that I am having the thought that I am going to fail’. What is the real difference between these two thoughts? The difference may appear subtle but you get the correct perspective that you are not your thoughts.

You have to choose your attitude

It is your decision how you should respond to what others say or act. This decision-making power rests with you and you should decide how to react. You must not hand over this power to other people. The way in which you respond is extremely vital while dealing with negative things or people. To be precise, you have to choose your attitude in any given situation and blaming or criticizing negative people does not make any difference at all.

Although finding happiness in oneself is a difficult task, it is not an impossible task. On the other hand; finding happiness elsewhere can be described as an impossible task. You may often have to deal with negative people but you should not allow their negativity to dominate you. Your attitude is your choice and you should never leave this decision-making power to someone else.

Agree first to disagree later with rephrasing

First of all, you must agree with their arguments and then, their arguments can be weakened by rephrasing using positive words. This approach helps negative people get out of the negativity loop and you also get better protection against negative attitude. For example; if a negative person says that he hates something, you can come up with an answer like ‘it seems extremely frustrating'.

Negative people often reply like “it sucks” or something similar. Then, you can respond by saying that ‘it is true and there are some tough challenges to be tackled’. By doing so; you can prevent the contagious nature of negativity and it allows the negative person (John) to come out of the negativity loop as well.

Clear your head immediately

Handling negative people is a tiring experience and your energy levels come down drastically. That is exactly when you should recharge your emotional batteries. After having interacted with a negative person, you should clear your head immediately. Various activities like having a conversation with a positive person, reading a motivational book, going for a walk or listening to relaxing music always help you recharge your emotional batteries.

Negativity can be blocked using positive affirmations and it is always advisable to make use of affirmations in a playful manner. Such a method of approach creates long lasting positive impressions in your mind. Negative thoughts are quite normal and you should learn how to manage them properly to develop an optimistic attitude towards life. The bottom line is that your attitude is your choice and negative people should never be allowed to dominate your thoughts and actions.

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