Farooq Abdullah backs stone pelters in Kashmir

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Farooq Abdullah backs stone pelters in Kashmir

National Conference President Farooq Abdullah has said that stone pelting youths were not giving up lives for tourism. Their struggle was for resolution of Kashmir issue. He said this in reference to Prime Minister’s Narendra Modi statement in which Modi had said that the youth of the state should choose tourism, not terrorism.

Farooq Abdullah said that youth of Kashmir were battling for freedom of their nation and they had picked up guns for nothing. Reportedly, Narendra Modi had said on the inauguration of Chenani- Nashri tunnel that the youth were misguided and they need to choose between tourism and terrorism.

These statements by Farooq Abdullah are being seen more of as a political gimmick as by-elections to Srinagar Lok Sabha seat are approaching and Farooq Abdullah is the joint candidate of National Conference and Congress. It will be interesting to see as to how Congress responds to this statement of Farooq Abdullah. Until now, Congress has maintained a silence on Farooq Abdullah’s comments. This silence is also being seen as a political compulsion of Congress as it cannot oppose the candidate being supported by it.

Kashmir is always on the boil and this time also the same story is being repeated.

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