13 Security Personnel Wounded In 6 Grenade Attacks In Kashmir

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13 Security Personnel Wounded In 6 Grenade Attacks In Kashmir

In a span of just 24 hours, terrorists carried out six severe sequential attacks in Kashmir. Five in Southern Kashmir and the other one being in Northern Kashmir, more than ten security personnel have been injured.

Tral in the Southern Kashmir was targeted with grenade attacks at the CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) camp injuring ten jawans.

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Whereas, in the second attack, security workforce employed for guarding the residence of Justice Muzzafar Atar (retired High Court judge) in the Anantnag district got embattled in an open fire strike.

The militants also snatched away four service rifles from the force posted at the time of the outbreak.

The third attack at the CRPF camp in Pulwama, fortunately, didn’t undergo any damage as the grenade thrown at that area got exploded in the middle of the air.

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Minor injuries of two cops were reported as a result of the fourth and fifth attack at a police station in Pulwama and CRPF camp at Padhwampora.

The sixth attack in Sopore, Northern Kashmir witnessed no harm. 

One of the senior police officials said that they had inputs about the possible attacks on Tuesday. And each security agency along with the personnel was prepared for the same. All the forces stationed at guarding the area have also been asked to stay alerted and highly guarded to avoid further distress. 

Despite capping all the infiltrations activities happening in Kashmir from the past few months, even a single miscalculation after this incident can give rise to another Uri-style attack in the coming days.

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But, according to an army official, “We are prepared for any eventuality. We will not allow a repeat of the Uri attack."

The security forces suspect of terrorist groups being present in clusters in the area. Hence, it’s been isolated for carrying out the further search.

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The present situation of Kashmir makes me feel pity for the civilians as well as for the security forces. Don't know when would the Indian government be able to make stricter and better defensive programs for safeguarding Kashmir!! 

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