What is Article 370 for Jammu & Kashmir in the Constitution of India

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What is Article 370 for Jammu & Kashmir in the Constitution of India

Article 370 for Jammu and Kashmir in the constitution is a very important article that needs to be abolished.

The Article is only beneficial to the Kashmiris not anyone else. It gives them a right to exercise their own Article 370 rights and do not have to follow the Laws of the Indian Constitution. It is very important to understand what constituents Article 370 and how it affects all of us.

What is Article 370?

Article 370 is a provision that grants a special autonomous state to Jammu and Kashmir. All the provisions of the Indian Constitution that are applicable to all other states of India are not applicable to Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).

Special provision of Article 370

•    Jammu and Kashmir have their own Flag and a different constitution;
•    Declaration of National Emergency is not applicable on Jammu and Kashmir;
•    The Indian Government do have any authority to suspend the legislature of the state of J&K;
•    Under Article 370, the Indian Government cannot increase or reduce the State border of J&K;
•    Indian citizens cannot buy land or any property in J&K;

Some unknown facts about the Article 370:

•    Dr. B    R Ambedkar, who drafted of the Indian Constitution, had refused to draft Article 370;
•    Article 370 was then drafted by Gopalaswami Ayyengar;
•    Dr. BR Ambedkar and Sardar Patel were against the Article 370;
•    Jawaharlal Nehru appointed Ayyengar to draft it;
•    Indian Laws such as RTI, CAG are not applicable in the state of Jammu and Kashmir;
•    According to Article 370, if a Kashmiri woman marries a Pakistani man, then the man gets Indian Citizenship Automatically. It gives him an opportunity to become an Indian Citizen;

I feel this law should be abolished because it divides the state of Kashmir from rest of India. One country should have only one soul constitution, not two.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is a part of India, so why get a special status and privileges? It certainly gives a wrong signal to the world that our country is a disputed country and anybody can take advantages out of it. Even the Kashmiri Muslim think that they are not a part of India. It makes no sense that rest of the Indians can’t buy a land or build a house in Kashmir, where the Kashmiris can buy a property wherever they want in India. The law was created because our beloved “Chacha Nehru” wanted the support of Sheikh Abdullah after independence to become the Prime Minister of India. And in the lust of being the Prime Minister of India he separated the state of Jammu and Kashmir from rest of India and declared it an underdeveloped state. 

I feel we all have a right to buy a property in any part of India and the Article 370 must be abolished. There is no point in holding on to this theory forever. I am not OK with it, and it is high time we all need to take an action to get it abolished. Kashmiris are Indians too, they have to understand this and also in getting Article 370 abolished from our Constitution.  

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It's protection to our culture and natural resources.


Article 370 should be abolished because 

1.it has hampered the development of J&K.

2.it increases the number of militancy.

3.this makes it indifferent from rest of indian state.

4.J&k called the heaven of india but this time it makes hell due to thinking of people j&k and other a political cause.

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