What is a brief history of the Kashmir conflict? Why india facing still?

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What is a brief history of the Kashmir conflict? Why india facing still?

Kashmir- A Heaven turned Headache

What is the exact problem in Kashmir? When you ask this question to any expert, they will start with 1947 Partition and end with Burhan Wani’s death. But this is just the history. These are just consequences. What is the exact problem? I guess nobody knows. We just say that Kashmir is an integral part of India but is it? It has turned into Piles. You suffer in pain but can’t tell about it to anyone because you don’t know the exact reason, and that’s what embarrasses you.

There are many aspects to the Kashmir Conflict- Partition, Pakistan’s interference, Hurriyat, Kashmiri Pandits’ exodus, Political Apathy, etc. But most of the people want to blame only Religion. But there is more to Kashmir Conflict than Hurriyat and Religion. India is a country with multi-religious & multi-cultural societies. And all the citizens have equal rights to live, prosper & practice their religion.

A part of the union can’t ask for special privileges based on the religion of its majority of the population or based on its history. Just yesterday, some militants attacked a Police Station in Phulwama. One Police officer got killed, and all the militants were neutralized. Why does this happen? The answer is that children and youths are being told that a ‘particular religion’ is in danger and it’s their responsibility to fight with Law Enforcement Agencies.

And no, not just uneducated are doing this, but there are many doctors from the Govt. Medical Hospital in Jammu who thinks that stones should be thrown at CRPF personnel as they are there to ‘oppress them’. The same thing happened in Kanhaiya incident. This mentality needs to be changed. If you hear to what Communists say, the blame will always be on AFSPA. Just to mention, AFSPA is much liberal as compared to the kind of powers given to American, Israel, Chinese Army Personnel.

We are coming up with various words like Kashmiryat, Insaniyat, Jamhooriyat, etc. What is the need? Can’t we just be Indian Citizens? First, of Hurriyat leaders are trying to bring anti-India sentiments and continuously instigating youths to turn into militants. But why are we trying to have talks with them? Many senior leaders went to have talks, but they refrained. Why give these people chances? Just freeze their bank accounts, abolish their passport, take out all the security they are being given. Let them feel the heat.

But in reality, nobody wants the Kashmir Problem to be solved. How many politicians went there actually to talk with youths? Have we ever conducted any polls or discussions as to what people of Kashmir want? Everyone goes there just for the photo-op. So, militants will increase, there will be more clashes, pellet gun victims. We just presume that people of Kashmir want jobs, education but no Govt. has been able to do that job so they are getting seduced by the separatists’ leaders. And at one point, start ignoring them.

It has been 69 years since Independence and we still can’t curb the problem of terrorism. Some of the people who are pelting stones are misinformed and motivated to fight with Law Enforcement Agencies while some of them are self-motivated and they get inspired by each other through social media. There is a need to tell people of Kashmir how hypocrite these Hurriyat Leaders are! They send their children to study abroad but instigate others’ children to fight with Army/ Police. The J & K Govt. needs to work in cohesion with Govt. of India for peace and prosperity in Kashmir Valley and it’s time to set-up a round table and to have some serious discussion about what an average Kashmiri wants.

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