Kashmir Conflict - Who is right, India or Pakistan?

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Kashmir Conflict - Who is right, India or Pakistan?

Kashmir is a challenging issue which has spanned over a century between two Nuclear Powered nations- India and Pakistan. Both nations have fought three wars over the issue, yet the problem of Kashmir remains unsolved and the valley is on the boil as ever.

The Indian Perspective
The territorial conflict began in 1947 itself after the partition of India by British. India which claims the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir holds around 43 % area of the state. Pakistan has annexed the remaining area of the state. The Indian perspective states that since the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir rightfully signed the instrument of accession on 26th October 1947, therefore, India has all the right to claim the state as part of India.

Other princely states too had signed an instrument of accession whereby they became part of India so the same applies to Jammu and Kashmir too.

The Pakistan Perspective
Pakistan which has made numerous attempts to annex the Indian-held Kashmir, however, contradicts this claim. It points that since the state has majority Muslim population, it should be part of Pakistan. It also offers open political and hidden military support to terrorist groups operating within the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmiri view
While the majority of Kashmiri people wish to lead a peaceful life and have little concern of Pakistan’s claim, some fanatic elements do try to spoil the atmosphere of the Kashmir valley. They repeatedly fuel violence in the state which has led to numerous killings of common people and security personnel.

India has its official stated position that the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir including the disputed territory of Baluchistan, Gilgit and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is a part of India and should rightfully be handed over to it.

The only viable solution to this conflict in present scenario is to consider the Line of Control between India and Pakistan as the border. While India does agree to it, Pakistan does try to create commotion by fuelling terrorist activities which have led to the destabilization of this region.

With the world community leaving this issue to be solved by India and Pakistan, a concrete solution in near future seems unrealistic.

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