Is socialism a better ideal than democracy?

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Is socialism a better ideal than democracy?

Socialism is an economic system which defines how to produce and distribute the goods and services of the society. Democracy is a political system which includes an institution that comprises of a government and working of the government.

Both socialism and democracy, however, have a common objective- to work for the goals of the society.

Comparison between socialism and democracy

Socialism is an economic system which promotes collective ownership on the resources for production. In this system, the resources are managed and controlled by the state or workers' council.

Socialism, however, adversely affect the equality among the members of the society in varying degrees depending on the type of socialism implemented by the society.

In the extreme form of socialism, there is a very little space or no space for civil liberties, preventing the citizens from enjoying the equal right to represent and the equal right to hold an office.

Democracy puts emphasis on the freedom and equal right of an individual for self-development. In a democratic society, each individual has a right to cast its vote and elect a representative.

So it is up to the readers to decide whether socialism is a better ideology than democracy.

It is also possible that both socialism and democracy should go in parallel. A society can be a socialist democracy or become a democratic socialist.

Some experts believe that the combination of socialism and democracy can be considered as the best when it completely recognizes and balances the ideals of individual freedom and rights as well as social cooperation.

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