Is there an Alternative to Sarahah?

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Is there an Alternative to Sarahah?

With Sarahah raging on the internet, most people are signing in to the app that allows anonymous feedback facility to the users. From posting constructive feedback to teasing, users are indulging in receiving and giving fun feedbacks to their friends and relatives. 

This makes us wonder if there are any other alternatives in the market that offer the same as Sarahah. Can you think of some, to begin with? Tell us about it by commenting on the box below. 

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There's an app called Flizle which offers the same functionality + more... if you're interested.

I frankly don't see much eye-to-eye with this whole idea of leaving anonymous feedbacks. A lot of my friends registered on sarahah and they have been complaining about getting a lot of bad, rude messages. Some people (read: Cowards) are sarahah as a way to hide their insecurities and by harassing others virtually. Its like using someone else's weakness to hide your own!! What started as a fun space with Sarahah is turning out to be social media's new evil side..... Now you can say whatever you want- good, bad and ugly- and you don't even have to face the judgment. I feel what these platforms need a bit more sense of responsibility, like moderating the messages to clear out the ugly comments as well as spam! 

I personally didnt like Sarahah for the simple reason it looks too casual and even not happy with the interface instead the anonymous feedback program of other websites got much better interface.

I only know about Sayat that lately gain a lot of attention. Another one that i have recently come to know about is Anonymous Feedback program that again performs really well. It effectively works to give out the best possible feedbacks. 

There are many alternatives to sarahah! there is sayat me. it is also quite famous and has a lot of users. it is one of the popular anonymous feedback platforms out there! 

I feel Sarahah is more like just another marketing gimmick and serves as a tool to gage in the audience via exhaustive marketing strategies. However, speaking of constructive feedback and a platform to convey your messages, ideas or thoughts to a person by concealing your identity is quite a fascinating concept. This has been made much easier and facilitated better professional feedback mechanism via Anonymous Feedback Program that caters to like-minded people and smoothens the process. 

Guess anonymous platforms are the best ones to receive feedback and the recent frenzy around Sarahah prove that. Though there are other sites that give you and allow you to give others anonymous feedback such as It is also a very well known platform where you can share your constructive opinions with other people but just like Sarahah, the other site has also become a ground for juvenile behavior and rarely would you come across any constructive feedback. So, I would say keep exploring till you find a site better than these two. 

There is an alternative to this website; this is called Anonymous Feedback Program. Here, you can make your account and then send anonymous messages to anyone with their email ID. This is very simple and easy to use. I use this website to send emails to my friends and they guess as to who has sent them the mail. As a matter of fact, there have been instances where my friends were not able to trace even after a week of receiving the feedback. However, what I like the most about this program is that unlike Sarahah where the feedback can be shared with the public, the space provided by this program is more private. It's good! Some feedbacks should remain exclusive only to you! I think you must try it!

No doubt, Sarahah is a giant success and has helped people express themselves to others whom they found difficult to express. But that is not all, there are some other apps in the market which are giving a humungous competition to the aforementioned app! It is the anonymous feedback system on ask opinion. It is a two-way platform where once you receive a feedback from somebody unknown, you can reply back to them and ask them reasons as to what made them say a particular statement! This is the real fun! What's the point of just receiving feedbacks and not able to reply to them? is there, which is more of a professional application and encourages exchange of professional feedback only. Then there is Askopinion's Anonymous Feedback Program which allows sending and receiving profession as well as personal messages. Both applications are worth giving a try. 

There are many alternatives to Sarahah like Sayat, Whatiswrongwithme etc. One such platform is Anonymous Feedback Program on

I would say its far better that the other website providing the feature of Anonymous Feedback/Opinions. This app actually filters out genuine feedbacks from spam msgs. No ABUSIVE/OFFENSIVE Language can be used there.. Thus No BULLSHIT...!!

The success of Sarahah is phenomenal. With the pace with which it gained popularity is commendable and surprising. Talking about the alternatives, I feel that the Anonymous Feedback Programme is quite a competition. The platform helps the user to send constructive feedbacks which could be personal or professional. 

There are quite a few alternatives to Sarahah. In fact, Askopinion themselves have an Anonymous Feedback Program that lets you convey messages to someone while being completely anonymous. I'm a regular user of Askopinion's anonymous feedback program, and it has worked like a charm for me. 

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