Judge or lawyer: The better career option

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Judge or lawyer: The better career option

This is definitely a question, which may have several answers. Every individual will definitely have personal choices. But, personally speaking, both the professions in the legal stream have huge demand in today's world. And, both of them have their own sets of pros and cons.

Being a judge is definitely not an easy task. A judge needs to have a lot of experience in various fields of law. Also, he must be thorough and up to date with the latest judgements and happenings of the society. Moreover, being unbiased is one of the major traits, which every judge needs to acquire. also, a judge needs to have the potential to take proper decision, must have the guts and courage to take decisions against the crimes and the criminals and needs to be well aware about the various sections of law properly to take the apt judgement. A judge has an immense prestige and dignity in the society.

While a lawyer has his own set of actions. He needs to have a good speaking capability. He must have proper guts to investigate any problem and most importantly, presence of mind is very essential to succeed in the field of law for a lawyer. 

I feel that though a judge holds a high social status, the earning for a lawyer is more when compared to a judge. These are some of the descriptive discussions about both the professions. Now, it's up to an individual's talent, which will play the decisive factor while choosing the profession between a judge and a lawyer.

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