Does wealth makes people less ethical?

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Does wealth makes people less ethical?

Recently, there was a news about a poor man whose wife was dead and he had no money for the funeral of his dead wife. So he took his wife’s body on his arm and walked for about 12 km with his daughter for the last ceremony of his wife. While walking he got hurt on his legs but still, he did not stop and continue walking until he reached the cemetery. Many people passing through this man just watched him but did not come ahead for help. This is an example which shows that people after earning and accumulating wealth loose their kind heart and their ethics and priority change. If this man could receive a little help, he could do more justice to his dead wife.

This article will discuss the evidence why wealthy are less ethical than poor.

• Wealthy people cheat more than poor – Upper class and rich people behave more unethically compared to poor or lower class people. The rich are the ones who think they can break all kinds of law and lie for their benefit, and cheat in order to clear any examination or increase their chance to win any competition. Whereas poor people are the ones who follow every law and doesn’t cheat in the examination and are truthful and trustworthy.

• Poor people are more caring than wealthy – Wealthy have lost their trust and generosity for the sake money. They help those who are of useful to them and have some selfish motive with that person, in this case, if the person is poor they will help that poor also for their motive. Money makes them lose trust and they are not dependent on others which result in building less trust and feelings to understand the needs and requirements of the poor. For poor people, they believe in building interpersonal relationships as they want other people around them and they love to stay like a family. Rich people look upon poor people as things rather than considering them as human beings. The reaction of wealthy to a poor person is not with sympathy but with contempt and hatred.

• Rich are selfish and focus on themselves only – Rich people are self – centered, just focus on self. They feel that they have achieved success because they have all the characteristics of a successful person and attributes their success to their traits, while people from low socioeconomic status attribute their small success also to social values and thank god for providing this opportunity. The most important fact is that the rich does not find anything wrong with the greedy behavior that they possess.

• Rich being rich are poorer than poor – Poor people have a tendency to distribute their income to others who are in need and also poor are the one who also does donate for a charitable purpose. Rich people donate in trusts and places where they will get their name on the hoardings but does not donate for a good cause without having any selfish motive behind it. In today’s world, there is a trend of sending old parents to the old age home. When we look at this issue, all the rich people have followed this trend and does not want to live with their parents irrespective of owning a huge mansion or home. Whereas poor people does not want to live without their parents even if they don’t have proper space but they manage to live happily in their small hut as they believe that their parents are the one whose blessings and prayers have helped them to earn their living. This is the most unethical behavior of rich.

• Rich people do require poor people for working for them to cook food for them, serve food, clean their house and also take care of their children. But still the poor doesn’t get what they deserve.

There have been many studies conducted on this issue by psychologist and they have concluded that wealthy and rich people are more self-centered and obsessed with self and they are the ones who break more of the laws, lie for their benefit and cheat others for their motive and possess unethical behavior at work. What is there in wealth that makes any individual change their attitude, behavior and loose their social values and culture? This question is still not answered.

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