What are the Skills needed to become a Hadoop Developer?

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What are the Skills needed to become a Hadoop Developer?

Do you know what Hadoop is? It is an open source Java Based programming system that enables storage and processing of large data sets in a distributing computing environment. But what are the skills required to specialize as a Hadoop developer? 

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Hadoop developer work is to write programs as Hadoop framework is written in Java. So, for Hadoop developer field one must have good command in core Java

Skills Required for Hadoop Developer:

  1. Expertise in writing Pig Latin Scripts and HiveQL
  2. Proven Knowledge of workflow/ schedulers like Oozie
  3. Ability to deal with Data Loading tools like Flume and Sqoop

Since Hadoop is a Java-based programming framework, knowledge of Node.js, Javascript and OOAD can come in handy. Also, it would be a great advantage if you can write MapReduce jobs. 

If you are looking forward to becoming a Hadoop Developer than it is highly recommended that you have a detailed and professionalized knowledge of the back-end programming; specifically Java , Node.js and OOAD. Also make sure that you excel at writing reliable and high-performance codes. 

Having a basic knowledge of the operating system Linux and being well versed with the fundamental principles of programming language Java is a must to have a career in Hadoop.

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