Unknown Facts About Donald Trump That Will Leave You Amazed

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Unknown Facts About Donald Trump That Will Leave You Amazed

The 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump's life is an open book. He is a business tycoon and a famous television personality, with his show The Apprentice. His politics and personality have eluded many, and we want to share some interesting facts about the man to make you ponder. 

• His nickname among his peers is ‘The Donald’ or ‘Donnie’.

• Trump’s pet dog is a Goldendoodle (a cross-breed between a golden retriever and a poodle), Patton. Earlier, he had refused to have a pet in the White House, breaking an age-old tradition of having a First Dog.  

(Image Courtesy: The Sun)

• The code name for Trump by the Secret Service is Mogul.

(Image Courtesy: Conservative Tribune)

• At the age of 13, Trump’s parents had sent him to the New York Military Academy because he was an unruly teenager.

(Image Courtesy: Business Insider)

• Trump was an athlete and an excellent baseball player in his high school days.

(Image Courtesy: The Sportsdaily)

• Trump met his third wife and First Lady Melania Trump while he was on another date at a nightclub in New York.

(Image Courtesy: Q Political)

• He had an extra-marital affair with actress Marla Maples, who he was later married to for six years.

(Image Courtesy: People)

• His first wife, Ivana, had accused Trump of rape in her deposition after she filed for divorce.

(Image Courtesy: People)

• Trump had bought the air rights of the Tiffany Building for $5 billion in Manhattan before building his Trump Tower, which came to be one of the tallest glass buildings in the city. 

(Image Courtesy: AMNewyork)

• Undocumented Polish workers were employed in the construction of the Trump Tower, thwarting Trump’s campaign against illegal immigrants in the country. The workers had complained against exploitation and non-payment of their wages.

(Image Courtesy: Getty)

• His company, The Trump Organisation, was called Elizabeth Trump & Son when his father Fred Trump held the reins. 

(Image Courtesy: The New York Times)

• Between 2000 to 2012, Trump had about 61 projects including some successful businesses like the Trump Taj Mahal, which shut down in 2016 after 26 years of its inception.  

(Image Courtesy: FloridaPolitics)

He has built a brand that generations will talk about and which will be etched in history books for varied reasons. 

(Featured Image Courtesy: Am New York)

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