What to do when children don't want to go to school?

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What to do when children don't want to go to school?

All children are not same. Some kids are very energetic, smart and enthusiastic, and enjoy going to school, while some children are reluctant to go to school. Those parents are lucky whose kids go to school happily. But what about those parents whose kids always make some excuses to avoid school? Such parents take it as a challenge and try their level best to send the kids to school. Some parents allure the children by promising them to give whatever the child wants, whereas some parents forcefully send their children to school. Both of these are wrong practices. Always remember that your child should go to school at own wish, not due to any pressure or incitement. 

Until and unless the child goes to school with an objective of learning new things, there would be no use of going school as he or she will not be able to concentrate on the studies and mingle with other kids in the school.

Therefore, being a parent, it is critical to find the cause that why the child refuses to go to school. There might be several reasons for this such as poor academic record, attitude problem, family problems, going through some anxiety, etc.

Whatever may be the reason, you can sort it out by spending some time with your kids. Try to find out why your child's academic record is not good, what problem he or she is facing in studies. If there is an attitude problem in your child, then consult a counselor, if there is any family problem then make sure that its impact should not fall on your child and try to find out the reason of anxiety in your child.  

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Identify the root cause for avoiding school

If child doen't want to go to school, ofcourse you should talk to the child and know the reason why she or he are avoiding going to school. In case you are unable to convince the child, then you should talk to the school teacher. In most cases the school teacher can be instrmental in resolving such issues. 

Yes, this is the right approach...

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