Who invented School?

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Who invented School?

Have you never asked your parents as to who or why the school was created? This is one of the few questions that every school going student has asked their parents. This reflects the curiosity one has to know who actually came up with the term school.

How did you feel when you were made to work upon tough tests? Did you wonder why you’ve been given such a punishment? Well, If you try to be honest with yourself once, you’ll know how great the school feeling was! And how your school uniforms drive you through a lane of nostalgia.

Let us get some answers to our questions!

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With the passage of time, the world got populated profoundly, and therefore societies were created. With the emergence of societies, an inevitable worry for the transmission of knowledge, values, skills, and traditions cropped up. So, the concept of a teacher came up who would teach varied subjects ranging from mathematics, science, arts, and traditions. This gave birth to the education system. While India was blessed with a Gurukul education system to educate the kids, Islamic States had Madrassa while other countries like Rome, Ancient Egypt and the Chinese also had similar systems.

As time moved on, a requirement for rooms arrived so that innumerable students could come and get educated. Keeping the same in mind, The first school started in the United States (US) in the seventeenth century. Boston Latin School, which was founded in 1635, was the first public school and the oldest existing school in the country as education in the US became very important post-American Revolution.

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A man named Horace Mann, owning the post of Secretary of Education resided in Massachusetts, initiated the ‘Normal School’ system for teachers who were professional and who set forth their feet to teach students a set of curriculum. Not just that, he also decided that various aged children would study different curriculums and thus, introduced grading system, examination, and promotion for kids at every level. Therefore, he was the ‘Man who invented schools’. As this got started, there were a good amount of improvisations conducted in the education arrangement, carving the way for the huge education benchmarks we have today.

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Do you know some jovial fun facts about schools all over the world?

#1.Did you know Schools are open on September 1 in the country Russia even if it’s a weekend? 
#2. Another shocking fact! Dutch students are lucky indeed as school isn’t mandatory for them till they gain the age five.
#3. Heard of a school not having tests until the twelfth year? Yes, there are some schools in Finnish which have also been awarded as the best schools in the world.
#4. Have you ever given a thought of cleaning your schools? Well, Japanese students are asked to do the cleaning of their classrooms!
#5. How would you feel if you served a three-course meal during lunch at school by talented chefs? Awesome, right? French students are lucky in this aspect. Jealous much?

What to do if children do not want to go to school?

Be a good listener and understand their reasons for not wishing to go to school Help them to seek solutions to their problems!
Let us know what you think?

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online can never replace schools because humans need another human being to guide them and understand them. no amount of artificial intelligence can replace the human touch. and in education, it is one of the most important things.

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