Increasing rate of school dropouts

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Increasing rate of school dropouts

Increasing rate of school dropouts both in the middle and high school level has become a serious concern in India.

The reasons may be many and the solutions are still being researched. The major link is between the economic conditions of the Indians and the education system of India. In countries like Denmark and Germany, education is totally free for anyone studying in that country, but it's not so in India. Only a handful students can get access to this facility and that too it's not sufficient at times to take all the expenditure of education. Take for example those students who get the NTS (National Talent Scholarship) in India.

Is it sufficient to cater to all the educational expenditure of a student? Book and articles related to different projects both in the middle and high schools are quite expensive. The student is bound to invest some money from his family income.  If he belongs to the economically backward class, then he has no option but to drop out of school.   

Those schools in India that impart good education are mostly private charging exorbitant fees which only the rich can afford and India is not a country of rich people. Moreover, government schools teaching system are not monitored properly, as a result, the dropouts from these schools are more.

Students drop out either because they have to earn for their family or due to lack of motivation from their schools  Most teachers in government schools bunk classes and if ever they take a class they spend most of their time in punishing students in school or taking private tuitions. For this it in the education department in both the centre and the states that have to blamed. If pay scales, awards and certifications to teachers are manipulated, no teacher will be motivated to be sincere.

Change in attitude of students, teachers and the Indian government is the need of the hour.

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