Why Android requires frequent App updates?

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Why Android requires frequent App updates?

Why App Updates Matter

Albeit most don't have any acquaintance with it, application upgrades are one of the best showcasing devices application designers have available to them. With the quantity of applications individuals have introduced on their gadgets today, normal overhauls can help an application get more mind share in respect to different applications on a gadget. Apple and Google likewise get a kick out of the chance to see application redesigns, particularly with their real OS discharges, which is the reason we prescribe to have your application overhauled on real OS dispatch days.

Visit upgrades show you're focused on the application and that it's as yet being kept up. Having a faithful after for your application will help it spread on and disconnected. This sort of duty would never be earned quite recently through advertising alone.

At long last, application upgrades offer a path for an engineer to talk with their user-base by means of discharge notes. While fewer clients likely will read the discharge takes note of, the ones who do are frequently the most in fact sharp and locked in. Discharge notes should not be ignored.

Application Updates Per Month

Application stores don't compensate the "transport it and succeed" attitude. As specified some time recently, the best applications are overhauled upwards of week by week on the higher end. On the lower end, they normally get no less than an upgrade a month. In the event that you don't feel you can be focused on redesigning your application at any rate once every month, genuinely reevaluate notwithstanding building an application.

Deciding the correct adjust of these components and the best possible rhythm of redesigns will take some time. Being more traditionalist with your discharge arranging at first will guarantee that redesigns will begin making it to your clients sooner.
There's likewise the situation where an application may simply be in "upkeep mode" with little legitimization for proceeded with speculation; that is a subject for some other time.

Opinions (2)
Performance improvement

Basically frequent updates are provided to free out the app from bugs as well as to add new features. 

But going by a marketing trend, you should offer an update to the app whether there is a much necessary requirement or not.

Bug fixes

When there are bugs in the app or new features are added, the applications needs to be updated.

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