Blood Group Diet

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Blood Group Diet

The food we eat causes a chemical reaction with our blood. This reaction is caused by Lectin. When you eat a food incompatible with your blood, the Lectin aims an organ in your body. Even though this is not dangerous to life, it may cause some problems. Blood type diet is a natural restoration of our genetic pattern.

Here is a guide to your blood type diet.

Blood type O

Blood type O is prone to anger and weight gain. The O blood group has an intolerance to milk products. They should restrict intake of grains. This blood type can consume sea foods.  Plums, prunes and figs are best for the O types. They should avoid melons, citrus fruits like oranges, strawberries  as these may cause acidity in them. Pumpkin seeds and walnuts are beneficial. They respond to vigorous exercise and this increases their metabolism.

Blood type A

Blood type A has a sensitive digestive tract. Vegetarian diet suits them. Eat whole grain cereals and avoid coffee, chocolate. They respond well to exercise.

Blood type B

Blood type B has a  well tolerant digestive system. They should consume lots of green vegetables. Olive oil and Walnuts are beneficial to them. Creativity is their stress buster activity. They need moderate exercise to stay fit.

Blood type AB

AB blood type has a sensitive digestive tract. They should avoid non vegetarian food, but can eat seafood. Enjoy nuts and beans. Pineapple helps in weight loss. Lemon helps clear mucus from the system. They respond positively to creativity.

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Not many people would be aware of the diet that is preferable according to their blood group type. But its definitely a very informative article and every person should have knowledge about it to become more healthier. 

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