What are some things that cause stress?

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What are some things that cause stress?

Overwork, financial strain or instability and worries related to issues in our daily life are some of the things that cause stress. Whenever we take up work in our profession life that has got tight deadline as compared to the volume it becomes impossible for us to work in a relaxed mood. Both deadline and the quality of work, appreciation, and ratings related to the work worries us. When this deadline is linked to promotion at the office, tension mounts and nerves tighten.  The urge to hurry up leads to stress. This may also lead to a kind of sense of insecurity in the job front and we start leading a stressed life.

Financial strain and instability can push us towards stressful life. The worry that we still have a lot of financial responsibilities to fulfill and yet we are hard pressed for money pulls us down leading to depression. We are always under stress which may lead high blood pressure, hypertension or even death. 

Life today has become such that it has become impossible to avoid stress. My experiences in life goad me to suggest meditation and some workouts like exercises and walks for nerve relaxation that would enable us to handle stress more efficiently. 

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Stress Free Life- A Healthy Life

In today’s fast paced world, stress and anxiety is our companion. We all are in a rush to achieve our success and this causes both physical and mental stress. It can be said that stress is just like a threat to us. So, the very first thing we need to do is to avoid stress. Well, there is a controversy among people if stress can be managed or not. According to some people, stress cannot be managed, as the reasons of stress will never be reduced. Your bills will come, workload will be increasing and you will not get an extra hour in a day in order to accomplish your plan. Whereas some say it is possible to manage your stress by yourself.

The very first way to be stress free or manage your stress is to think positive. Yes, this is the rule of thumb. You can nurture your hobbies to reduce your stress. Yoga, meditation and walking can be great ways to manage stress.

Some of the healthy techniques are discussed here, that can help one to reduce their stress in the short or long term.

Exercise daily:

As I said, meditation, yoga and exercise are some of the best ways to control your stress. Research says that regular exercise improve your mind as well as your health condition. Exercise does not mean a hard scheduled gym. Just 20 minutes walk everyday can benefit you to a great extent.

Eat light stay fit:

Having non spicy light home-made food also helps in reducing stress. Include more vegetables and fruits   in your daily diet. The gap between two meals should not be more. Eat something healthy in every two hours.

Smile and laugh:

Our emotions and facial expressions are interconnected with our brain. This is the reason when people are stressed it is exposed by their facial expression. A laughter therapy in the morning is beneficial to manage stress. Laugh and smile always, they will lighter your stress.

Stay connected socially:

Share your feelings with friends; call them, hangout with them in the weekends. This will make you happy and help you forget your stress. Give time to your family.

Stress is just reaction of our work pressure. It is true that we must work to earn, and it can be difficult to be detached from our daily hectic schedule. Yet, you need to chill yourself and you should give yourself at least 30 minutes every day. This 30 minutes is absolutely yours, don’t let anyone interfere during the time, not even your stress and work.

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