Waste segregation and waste disposal

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Waste segregation and waste disposal

With the increase in the population, there is an increase in the production of garbage too. These days garbage disposal has become a menace with garbage piled up on the road corners, stinking to the core. What can we do about that?

Buildings have come up in the garbage landfills or the trash dump areas, of course, due to the need of more space and land for the increasing population, thus decreasing the area of dumping. Then how to manage and dispose off the garbage in a smart way? Here are some titbits.


     Before that, let us understand as to how the garbage can be first segregated? It can be broadly divided into two categories wet and dry or biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste.

Wet waste: Anything that has dampness in it or it has a moisture content in it can be referred to as wet garbage. These mostly consists of organic kitchen wastes like vegetable and fruit peels, rotten fruits and vegetables, green leaves, leftover eatables, tea bags/used tea or coffee grounds, eggshells, etc.

Wet waste disposal: As a responsible smart adult, instead of just throwing these most valuable sources of fertilisers, we can compost them and use them as a plant food.

What is composting? It is a biological process in which microorganisms like bacteria, small worms, etc would act on the organic waste in the presence of oxygen and turn them into a most effective form called humus. This is one of the cheapest fertilisers that could enrich our soil and it is eco-friendly too as there is no involvement of harmful chemical pesticides.

Biodegradable waste: Any material that can get decayed is biodegradable. They make up excellent manures when the microbes act on them.

     As an act of humanity, we can give our leftover eatables to people on the roadside who would be starving for some food instead of just throwing them in the dustbin.

Dry waste: As the name suggests, anything that is dry can be considered as dry waste like wood, glass, used tube lights and bulbs, paper, used torn clothes, food cartons, milk sachets, etc.

      A small note before disposing food boxes or milk sachets, wash them cleanly and allow them to get dried well so that they do not stink and remain moist-free.

Some of the dry waste disposal tips: Old Clothes, instead of just throwing in the bin, before it becomes torn, it can be given to someone who does not even have a basic clothing to cover themselves. Wood: Old wooden articles if not broken too can be given to poor people who cannot afford it. Paper: By just mixing the most valuable paper with the organic waste, they can be sent for recycling. There are lots of recycling centres available in India. Trace out the nearest paper recycler and go for it.

Nonbiodegradable waste: These are the biggest challenge for our society, including rubber, metals, plastic, wood, etc. These cannot be acted upon by microbes and the only way would be recycle management.

     The topper is the plastic. How to solve this problem? A simple solution, my college lecturer told me when I was in college, is, carry a cloth bag when u go for shopping. Do not use plastic bags. That’s all.

    Only if we use, it becomes a threat to our environment. By completely avoiding the usage of it, it will slowly stop its existence. Of course, there is plastic recycle management happening around in our country for the plastic that has been already used and disposed.

Separate dustbins: By segregating from our end, is it enough? When it goes out of the house, the garbage cleaner dumps everything into one dustbin and carries it into the garbage truck. There ends all our effort of segregation.


    Therefore, the good word of awareness should be spread everywhere, especially to the garbage carriers. Each and every garbage point on the road must have separate dustbins so that it makes things easier for the person who would be working on it. While transporting it too, they must not be mixed.


     We all are very much influenced by the western culture, I think it would be high time we understand their techniques of garbage disposal and why not follow that too, so that we can make our country clean and green.

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