How to Not be Selfish?

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How to Not be Selfish?

Many people don’t think twice before taking actions which are chiefly in their interest and which when taken will greatly benefit them. Paying no heed to the needs of others can be relieving at times, but sometimes it can backfire because we cannot just live by ourselves in this world. We may cut all ties with some people and find it completely fine until the time we realize that we only got selfish and it was not fair to cut contact with them altogether.

Man is a social animal, and we need to interact with each other for something or the other. It is actually impossible to imagine a life in which a person spends all of his or her time alone without talking to anyone. However, this is the kind of fate a selfish person is doomed to meet because a lot of people will not like him or her due to the selfish nature. Therefore, one should always try to remain grounded and stop being selfish at once.

How To Not Be Selfish?

#1. Realize That It Is Not Taking You Anywhere

You know you are very selfish even with the ones who are very close to you. You always want to possess things and your demands increase day by day as you want to get more. If you want something, you will do anything to get it even if it involves hurting someone's feelings and playing with their emotions. For you, you mean the most. Selfish people are usually overexcited and paranoid. In order to stop being selfish, you need to change your perspective and tell yourself that it is not important to get everything you want, to mold the things in the way you want them to be. You should realize the fact that by being selfish, all you are doing is distancing yourself from other people even from the ones who have been very close to you. If you stop being selfish, people will get more attracted towards you and like you instead of getting annoyed by your presence. 

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#2. Commit Selfless Acts

In order to stop being selfish, engage yourself in a selfless act. Start doing things for other people without looking for your own personal benefit in that. Engage in practices that will demand you to do something for others without expecting anything in return. If you feel that you are extremely selfish, and you need to do something to stop it immediately then, you can join a non-governmental organization and work towards their goal religiously. This will help you to realize the satisfaction that one gets by helping someone else selflessly. It will also make you better as a person and transform your soul. All your life you have been doing selfish acts. Engaging in selfless acts will make you realize the things you were missing in your life. You can also pass sweet gestures towards other people, such as water the plants of your neighbor or helping an old person cross the road. If you make it a habit to commit a few selfless tasks daily, then you will be able to conquer that selfish instinct which constantly cooks up your greed and always asks you to push for more.

#3. Practice Empathy

It is very important to be empathetic towards other people so that you know what life is like in their place and it will change the way you think. At first, you may find it difficult to be empathetic towards other people as you have been selfish throughout your life. However, try to make it a habit by thinking about others, placing yourself in their position and analyzing their situations. Once you do this, you will realize that every person undergoes his or her own set of struggles and instead of being selfish and creating trouble for others and oneself, one should be kind to everyone. It will help you to develop a selfless outlook towards other people

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#4. Dial Back Narcissism

Narcissists people are more likely to be selfish. they are so much in love with themselves that they do not realize when they reach the pinnacle of selfishness. If you are a narcissist, then it is more likely that you always want things to go your way. This is a part of your nature. If this is the case with you, then you need to realize this and take some concrete steps. Talk to your friends, seek a therapist and work on your narcissism. We can reduce selfishness only when we stop admiring ourselves or stop seeking things which we think will earn us the admiration of others and be more empathetic to others.

#5. Speak About Your Wants and Needs

Everyone needs basic healthcare and shelter to live, and it is no surprise that when these minimum requirements are met, we crave and aim for higher ground. Such deliberation is very important for us to really know what matters and what doesn’t. It is never bad to give all that you can give in your pursuit of something but should not constantly compete with others for what they have. 

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#6. Don’t Do Favors Only Because You Want Them from Others

'You owe me one,' is the most selfish line in the history of language as it tells that you are expecting a favor in return for the favor you once did to someone. Instead of this, if you say 'I need your help because I am in trouble,' it won’t imply that your ego is talking. When you do kind actions without expecting kind actions in return, it is an indication that you can genuinely care for others and not everything you do is a byproduct of self-centered philosophy.

#7. Participate In Team Activities

If you are the kind of person who does everything himself then being a team member will greatly benefit you because you will be learning how to stop micro-managing things and discover the importance of sharing. It will also teach you that only when you work with others in a particular direction, you can complete the task in less time and can save yourself the energy which you can use to do other things. It will teach you how to compromise on your stubborn ways and see that other people make the same compromises as well. 

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