Is It Harder to Find Love If You're Fat?

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As if finding the perfect boyfriend weren't already hard enough, new research suggests that overweight women might have an even harder time of it.

The study, which was conducted in New Zealand, suggests that while being overweight really has little or no bearing on a man in a relationship, overweight women have much lower-quality relationships. (And here we were all excited to find out that extra pounds could help us live longer.)

In addition to thinking whomever they're going out with is probably going to dump them, they also find their partners less desirable and don't think their boyfriends think very highly of them. Well, that's incredibly depressing.

Obviously, the stigma against fat in our society extends to dating, but we have to wonder if overweight women's low self-esteem has more bearing on the quality of their relationships than their BMIs. After all, if you don't feel good about yourself, you're more likely to settle for someone who's not really that great himself. 

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obviously attitude is more important...

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