What are some of the benefits of sports?

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What are some of the benefits of sports?

Sports have multiple benefits besides ensuring proper physical and mental health for the person. If we consider it from the perspective of a growing child or a young adult playing sports has multiple benefits for the player.

Below is the list some of these imminent benefits which sports offer:

1. More than a fun activity

Playing games or indulging in any kind of sporting activity is always more than a fun activity. It keeps the child occupied and makes him or her part of a larger group with which they can connect to in their daily life too.

2. Leads to development of high self-esteem

Research has found that people who play sports have a higher quotient of self-esteem than those who never try their hand at any kind of game.

3. Such people do not take drugs

Youngsters who play any kind of sport rarely indulge in smoking or taking any other kind of drugs as they realize well the ill effect of taking drugs.

4. Depression stays away

People who indulge in any kind of sporting activity are always found to be in positive spirits and rarely get depressed.

5. Development of disciplined life

Children or youngsters who take up sports are known to lead a disciplined life. This happens as sports demands a person to be active and regular at practice sessions. This leads to the inculcation of a sense of discipline in these people which also helps them in their personal life.

6. Development of teamwork and leadership skills

Sports lead to the development of teamwork and leadership skills. As a captain of their team, a sportsperson is required to lead the team and emerge victoriously. This develops leadership instinct in the person and they become true leaders in life.

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