Why women gain weight when in a good relationship?

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Why women gain weight when in a good relationship?

Being head over heels in love, is one of the best feelings one can have.

The time spent together with your love, makes a lot of memories, each being special whether be dates, movies or dining. With these intimate memories comes along the shackles of ill health and the greatest gift of these shackles is weight gain. Ever wondered why, most of the better halves of a happy relationship end up in gaining weight?

Here are some reasons why it happens

Sense of emotional and physical security: Once individuals are in a happy space, emotional comfort and self-body shaming takes a back seat. This feeling of being at ease with the partner, induces laziness and thus, weight gain.

Junk food temptations over healthy diet: When in love eating together and mostly out becomes a ritual. One cannot even figure out when this indulgence becomes a habit and starts accumulating on the body as fat. To add on, most men are not healthy eater, which adds on to the agony of weight gain.

Exercise becomes last of the priorities: Being in relationship is a lot of work in itself, that many women consume most of their time to deal with what’s on the plate, they forget that certain priorities have been left behind like exercising, yoga or meditation, for better health.

Stress: Stress can be both of happy stress as well as bad stress and being in a relationship, is a roller coaster ride that serves a buffet of all kinds of stress. Whatever type of stress one may be affected with but a resort to midnight refrigerator indulgence is a common remedy to it and a source of weight gain.

Aging: Aging is inevitable and when time passes, the extra pounds that accumulate over become difficult to loose and ignoring of exercising only adds on to the plight of weight gain.

The only remedy to such weight gain is to make love the strength rather than a weakness. Taking help from partner to resist the temptations and work together towards a healthy lifestyle.

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