What are the Things that You should Never Try in Life?

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What are the Things that You should Never Try in Life?

The definition of life varies from person to person. It can be a roller coaster ride for some- full of crazy things. For the other few, it can be a subtle experience to learn every aspect of living step by step. However, not every lesson needs to be learned the toughest way. 

Certain things need to be kept in mind from the very beginning. Hence, here are 10 things that you should never try in life (or you don't try in life) to maintain harmony and not regret the possibilities you could have taken but you didn’t.

#1. Never Get Judgmental

It might sound pretty clichéd, but you never know what kind of struggles the other person is dealing with. And you might never come to know about the same. So, before you get judgmental, remember, every action has some reason to why it occurs. It’s always the best to work on improving your own life first, and later moving on to discuss others.

Never Get Judgmental

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#2. Start Being Independent

It sounds cool but how many of us actually believe in the notion? Don't try in life to depend on others for getting yourself fixed on an emotional/ mental level. Nurture the structure of independence rather than the constant need of love and recognition from others.

Start Being Independent

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#3. Don’t Mix Personal And Professional Life

Just make sure your work isn’t hampering your personal life. Or your personal issues aren’t slowing down your professional ethics. Learn to maintain a healthy balance between your social and work life.

Don’t Mix Personal And Professional Life

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#4. Don’t Let Others Control Your Life

Caring about what others are thinking about you just impedes your inner peace. This is when you let others dominate your living and balance. It's one of the crazy things you can do to yourself. So, you need to make sure that others don’t dictate your survival. It’s your life and you should be the one responsible for it!

Don’t Let Others Control Your Life

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#5. Do Not Ignore Your Health

When you maintain a regular exercising routine and also pay attention to your diet, your body feels healthy. It’s like an investment. You put in efforts to physically get active and achieve results that help you mature emotionally.

eat fruits

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#6. Don’t Forget The Ones Who Helped You In Difficult Times

When someone helps you in your darkest days, keep them as a prized possession in life. Don’t forget the little things that someone does for you and be grateful for the same. They are the ones who made you climb up to the ladder of success.

don’t Forget The Ones Who Helped You In Difficult Times

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#7. No Self-Doubts

Do you think you aren’t worthy enough to achieve something in life? And do you relentlessly keep questioning your efforts? Stop doing that. You don't realize, but you are capable of having the best in life. It’s just a matter of time and the ability to maintain faith in self to make you feel at par with others. Work harder and don’t let other’s judgment affect your work or health.

No Self-Doubts

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#8. Never Get Hopeless When It Comes To Your Dreams

Work in the smartest way to accomplish your life goals. If you have a purpose in life, make sure you achieve it. If there’s none, then find one! Just don't let your dreams die. 

Never Get Hopeless When It Comes To Your Dreams

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#9. Don’t Try To Become Someone Else

Be confident of who you are. Don't ever try to become someone you aren’t. When you run behind becoming someone else, you start losing your personal identity. Gradually, you have nothing left in you that’s your own. It not only makes you self-conscious, but also creates an emotional chaos.

be yourself

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#10. Don’t Lie To Yourself

You can always trick others into believing your fake assurances. But it’s never a good idea to do the same with yourself.


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