Can Dogs eat Carrots?

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Can Dogs eat Carrots?

Is your dog on the heavier side? What would you do to shed those extra kilos? In the US, 53% of the canines are obese, causing worry among pet owners to adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep their furry friend fit. In such times, carrots are the best remedy. We all know how carrots come to good use than dog treats when we see our canines suffering from obesity. 

Many dog owners find carrot sticks beneficial for their pets as they don’t add calories to their waistline, therefore, keeping them fit and healthy. Not just that, carrots are a favorite snack to buy for all canine owners as they are high in nutrition and way too affordable. Thus, it serves as a perfect reward when your dog displays good behavior sometimes.

Are Cold Carrots Good For Dogs?

Do you know some interesting facts about cold carrots? Many pet owners suggest that cold carrots are good for pups who are teething. It prevents them from teething discomfort. Apart from its health benefit, carrots also serve as reasonable and edible toys. So, if your dog binges more on carrots, he is bound to have a good dental health. Carrots are excellent in providing Vitamin A, Potassium, Fiber and other vitamins which provide a right amount of nutrition to dogs.

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What About Carrots For Dogs In Dry Food And Wet Food?

Let’s come back to the central question whether dogs can eat carrots or not? They surely can. Let me tell you that many dog foods whether wet or dry contain carrots. Although, carrots in a dog’s dry food is not considered that nutritional. But, they cause no harm. And in fact, in wet dog foods, they are considered high on the ingredient’s list, and you should be able to witness pieces of carrots. Not to forget, many dog recipes also contain carrots for them to remain healthy.

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Carrots are a tremendously excellent source of anti-oxidants, alpha-carotene, and beta-carotene. These anti-oxidants are converted into Vitamin A to maintain a healthy immune system and to promote good vision. However, remember that excess of carotene could lead to a condition, namely, carotenemia in which the skin gets a yellowish hue. In a very common scenario, in human babies, the yellow color is mistaken for jaundice, but it is not harmful. Less intake of carotene can help in discolouration of the skin. Just like humans and carrots make a happy combination, similarly, dogs and carrots too make a happy couple!

Are Cooked Carrots Good For Dogs?

You must also understand that cooked carrots are the best for dogs since cooking breaks down carrots tough cellular walls which help in absorbing a greater number of vitamins and nutrients. However, remember, cooked carrots should not be salted or spicy unless it is required in a dog recipe. The extra salts diminishes the nutritional value in a dog’s food.

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Whenever you wish to feed your dog, remember to cut full carrots into bite-sized pieces before feeding. Especially in little dogs, it prevents from choking. Keep a closer eye on your dogs when he is munching on carrot sticks and call your vet if you think he is choking or if he faces an adverse reaction to the sumptuous treat.

If there are more benefits of the vegetable than what we have mentioned in the article, tell us about it. Comment on the box below to share your opinions and views with us!

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