Top Super non-veg Foods to Lower Cholesterol

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Top Super non-veg Foods to Lower Cholesterol

We are mostly aware of the disadvantages of eating non-veg foods. Our parents often advise us not to consume too much of nonvegetarian meals to minimize the risk of health-related issues like high cholesterol, heart-related and liver-related problems, etc. But are we conscious of the benefits of the same nonveg? There are certain nonveg foods that not only give a relishing taste but also offer minerals, vitamins, elements, etc. that cut the high-fat percentage in our bodies and hence reduce the cholesterol rate.

Few non-veg foods that help to reduce the risk of high cholesterol

1) Lean meat, also known as skinless meat, are cut certain pieces of meat that contain less than ten gm of fat and hence lower the cholesterol in a human body. These meat include pork, lamb, beef, chicken.

2) Eggs are not only the major source of protein but are also fat cholesterol condensing elements. One must always consume 5 to 7 eggs every week to gain better results. Always remove the yolk of the egg as it contains high fat within.

3) Fish is the healthiest and the nutritious nonveg meal. Cold water fish like salmon, sardines and tuna, contain compounds like omega-3 fatty acids, which immediately moderate the cholesterol rate inside your body and hence offer a healthy living. Fish can be consumed anytime and any day. It's always good for health.

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