Can some of the health foods actually be bad for your health ?

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Can some of the health foods actually be bad for your health ?

Unhealthy foods are the biggest threat to a healthy life.

Unfortunately, some of the key food products which we consider as healthy are actually junk food.

1. Low-Fat and Fat-Free Food

Saturated fat and low fat is actually a misnomer and proper research needs to be done on this. Most saturated and low-fat foods are in fact rich in sugar. If consumed in excess, it can lead to health problems.

2. Salad Dressings

We often think that salad dressings are a healthy option. Most commercial salad dressings are high on sugar, Trans fats, vegetable oils and artificial chemicals. You should always check the ingredient list before you munch your favorite salad at any commercial event or ceremony.

3. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice commercially available in the market is actually rich in liquid sugar and consists added flavors. In fact, many of these are the sugar-sweetened beverage. Ideally, consume natural fruit juice in place of flavored juice products.

4. Whole Wheat

Whole wheat products are not in fact made from whole wheat. These have been pulverized into fine flour which can increase your blood sugar.

Take care while consuming sports drinks too as these also have a high content of electrolytes and sugar.

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Cannot say

cannot say. Some of the foods mentioned above seem to be healthy if consumed in a proper quantity while others to know about it was shocking. Like salad dressing, though salads are considered to be a healthy food but if improper salad dressing is used it can covert the healthy salad into an unhealthy food.

No, these are not bad.

No, these healthy food are not bad for our health but if it is consumed too much in high quantity the it may be harmful for our health. So it should be consumed in proper quantity.

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